How to send an ecard with a reward

1. Select “Employees” in the “Recognise” section

The simplest way to do this is from the Recognition Manager overview screen (the first screen when you log in). You simply need to click “Employees” (1) which appears in the section titled “Recognise”. You can also access this using the menu on the left-hand side. Click on “Recognise” (2) and a menu will drop down. From here, you just need to select “Employees” (3).

2. Select and write your ecard

At the top of the screen, you will see how many epoints you have been allocated to share with your team.

Firstly, select which design of ecard you wish to send (1). If you hover over a design, a larger preview will appear.

Next, select a reason for sending your ecard from the drop-down menu (2) and enter a personal message (3) that you wish to appear within the ecard.

3. Select your recipients

You now need to let us know who you want to send your ecard to. To search for an employee using their name or email address, select “Search employee” (1) and type their name/email into the search field (2). Matches will appear as you type and you just need to click on them to add them (3).

Alternatively, click “Search department” (4) if you want to search by team. Type the department into the search field (5) and select the person you wish to send an ecard to (6). Alternatively, if you want to send an ecard to the entire team you’ve just searched, click “Select all” (7).

Once you’ve got your recipients selected, if you want someone else to be notified that this ecard has been sent, you can directly add their email address into the CC field below but this is an optional step and can be left blank.

3. Add a reward to your ecard and send

To send an ecard with a reward, select “Add reward” (1) from the options and press the “Select reward” (2). This will open a new screen for you to select the reward you wish the recipient(s) to receive. If you want to go back at any point from this screen, just select “Cancel”.


You can use the search bar (3) to search for specific rewards or to search specific departments and when you’ve found the item you want, click the yellow + symbol (4) in the corner. If you want to view more information about the product, click on the image or title to open the product page. There will be a yellow “Select reward” button on this page which you can click to add the reward if you’re on this screen, rather than the yellow + symbol.

As you add rewards to your ecard, the top of the screen will update (5) to show which rewards have been added and how many epoints you have remaining. You will receive an error if you try to give rewards that exceed your rewards balance in value.

Once you are happy with your selection, click “Confirm” (6). You will now be redirected back to the ecard screen.


You will now see details of the reward(s) that you are sending with your ecard (7) and can make any adjustments to quantity or remove rewards (8) on this screen. If you want to go back to the rewards selection screen, click “Back to rewards” (9).

The summary text below will sum up how many rewards you are sending and to how many people. If you are happy, click “Send” (10) to send off your ecard.