How to send a peer-to-peer ecard

1. Log in and navigate to “Ecard Management”

Important: This guide explains how to send a peer-to-peer ecard using your personal epoints account. If you are an epoints admin for your company wishing to send ecards/epoints from your admin account and using your company allocation of points, you should send this through (click here for a guide). Any epoints sent via the process below will use epoints from your own personal pool of points.

Log in to (click here if you need help doing this) and click on your name (1) in the top right-hand corner of the page. From the menu that drops down, select “Ecard management” (2).

2. Create your ecard

You’re now able to begin composing your ecard. First of all, select a design from the collection available (1) and then choose a reason for sending the ecard (2). Ecard templates and reasons may vary as they are based on your company’s key values and behaviours.

Once you’ve done this, you can write a personal message (3) for the person(s) you are sending your ecard to which they will see when they open the ecard. Once you’re happy with this, select “Next” (4).

3. Choose your recipients and add epoints (if desired)

You now need to select who you wish to send your ecard to. Within the recipient field (1) you can search for anyone in your organisation by name or email. As you type, matches will load below and you can select who you wish to send your ecard to. You can send an ecard to more than one person – just repeat this process until all your desired recipients’ names are added. If you need to remove anyone, you can click the “x” by their name or select “clear all” above to remove all your recipients.

Once you’ve chosen your recipients, you can designate how many epoints you wish to send to each recipient (2). It is important to note that any epoints you send will come out of your own personal epoints balance. A summary below (3) will show you how many points in total you will be spending on the ecard based on your entry above and how many points that will leave you with after. If you just want to send an ecard without epoints attached, leave this area blank. Once you’re happy with your choices, click “Next” (4).

  • You can only send ecards to colleagues registered on your company’s epoints system. If you cannot find someone, it may be that they have not been added yet.

4. Review your ecard

Here you can see an overview of the ecard you are planning to send (1), including recipients, total epoints awarded, the reason for sending, the personal message attached and the design of the ecard. If you need to make any changes, you can select “Back” to scroll back through the previous screens and change your settings.

If you wish, you can enter the email address of anyone you wish to be notified (3) that this ecard has been sent (i.e. the recipient’s line manager). Anyone added here will receive an email notification once the email has been sent.

Once you’re happy with your ecard, press “Send ecard” (4).


5. Confirmation of ecard sent

You should be directed to a confirmation page confirming that your ecard has been sent. Your recipient(s) will receive an email informing them that they have received an ecard. Any CC’d team members will also receive an email alert. They can click on the “See ecard & message” (1) which will redirect them to where they can log in and view their ecard.