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7 Jul 2021

Remote Working: Perks at Work or Not?

Many of those looking for jobs or within HR departments have seen a rise in companies offering remote working as a valid form of  perks at work

Since the pandemic, more and more companies have turned to remote working. Whether this is due to employees simply refusing to return or because it’s a better option, it remains true. 35.9% of UK employees did some work at home in 2020, a 9.4% increase since 2019. Moreover, these numbers may continue to rise in 2021!

But is remote working a reasonable form of perks at work?

Positives of WFH as a perk at work

There are many benefits to working from home that validate companies using it as a perk.

More flexibility

Firstly, remote working offers an enormous amount of flexibility to your people. The ability to change when they take lunches, make meals and even be in for deliveries. Therefore, employees can work smarter and manage time more efficiently.

Rewards and recognition

Working from home offers a new way to reward your people. Zoom team parties, pamper boxes and employee voucher are just some of the new unique ways to offer perks at work.


As a result of more flexible working, workplaces are becoming more inclusive. Individuals can now avoid travel and work around pre-existing responsibilities such as caregiving. Subsequently, this opens up more opportunities for a broader range of individuals to join your workplace.

But arguably, is this a valid form of perks at work? Instead, this should be a standardised practice.

Negatives of WFH as a perk at work

There are some drawbacks to remote working that may be daunting to some companies. However, here at Each Person, we know how to tackle these issues.


Communicating with staff when the workplace is no longer in the office can be tricky to navigate. Although there are many forms of online communication, such as Slack and Zoom, it can be overwhelming and easy to overlook staff.
Despite this, it is still possible for companies to create meaningful connections. Each Person offers manageable Ecards to make communication easier. 50% of employees saying a simple thank you would make them feel more valued. So it’s never been easier to say thank you for your hard work.


According to Buffer, loneliness is the biggest struggle that comes with working remotely. Many individuals have experienced anxiety over the last year and a half, which may cause problems in the workplace. Therefore it is vital for companies offering remote working as a form of perks at work to look after their employees.

At Each Person, we believe that mental wellbeing is the key to a happy workplace and can help you achieve this through meaningful rewards and recognition.

Overall, remote working may now become a standardised perk at work. With many enticing benefits, it is sure to have a positive impact on individuals. However, it does mean employers need to focus more on their communication. Furthermore, with the effects of COVID-19 on workplace wellbeing, companies need to take the steps in helping their employees if they want to offer remote work.

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