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24 Feb 2021

Would employees work harder if they received recognition?

The concept of recognition is widely known within HR and plays an everyday role in many organisations. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean it is used and maintained effectively. 

A staggering 69% of employees suggest that they would work harder if they felt their efforts were better recognised, giving a clear picture of just how important recognition is. Some employers may imply pay is employee recognition, but in reality, salary and other fundamentals are not part of innovative and effective rewards and recognition systems. 

So why does recognition encourage hard work? 

Receiving recognition, such as feedback, allows employees to understand their strengths within their role and continue to improve. Identifying what they have done correctly and well shows their hard work is acknowledged by others. However, giving constructive feedback is just as important. 92% of employees believe that negative feedback, when delivered appropriately, is an effective way to improve performance. After all, the best way to learn is from our mistakes. 

Recognition also encourages workplace wellness and improves company culture which is incredibly important, now more than ever, considering many people have struggled with mental wellbeing and isolation this past year. 

How can effective recognition be implemented? 

80% of millennials suggest that they prefer instant recognition instead of formal reviews, and with millennials making up 35% of the UK workforce, it is a significant factor to consider. 

Formal reviews give sufficient insight into how an employee is performing. By offering a chance to open up conversations and ask questions, workers can reflect on their work. However, many HR execs believe that reviews are not an effective way to measure employee success. If companies wish to increase and measure success more effectively, it is clear that real-time recognition should be introduced.

Ecards are a cost-effective, creative and honest recognition system. Each Person offers an easy way to say: thank you for your hard work. Using our ecard system, companies can personalise ecards to their own branding and ethos and introduce a new way to improve morale and efficiency. Companies may choose to add eco-points to their ecards, increasing their potential further. 

Most organisations have an employee of the month scheme in place, giving workers something to look forward to and aim for. Here at Each Person, we take it one step further with innovative, online nominations creating a fair and inclusive recognition scheme that can be implemented company-wide.


Companies offering better perks at work could see a rise in worker motivation, enjoyment and profitability. To find out more about how Each Person can improve your rewards and recognition scheme visit or contact us at

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