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4 Mar 2021

How reading can help your teams mental health

Reading is fundamental to some people’s lives. With the average person reading 12 books a year, it is evident that society enjoys the escapism that reading brings. Whether you fancy non-fiction or fiction, reading can help your mental wellbeing and workplace colleagues.

Why does reading have a positive effect on mental health? 

Distracts from stress

When an individual picks up a book, they can escape from their everyday life. The reader can encounter a whole new life with a cup of tea in the comfort of their own home. A study at the University of Sussex found reading was more efficient at reducing stress than listening to music or even walking. This escape from reality helps reduce stress and anxiety in the real world, which allows for a healthy mind, and employees to focus better on their job roles and work harder.

Improves brain connectivity

Flicking through a book is a valuable exercise for the brain. It increases the connections we make in our brain and improves its overall function. Research suggests that when we read, we mimic experiences in our brain, which allows us to reap the benefits of character development and problem-solving. These skills enable us to function more effectively and become more productive when completing tasks. Studies also show that the use of books increases our vocabulary, which is especially beneficial for many job roles and soft skills, such as effective communication.

Increases empathy

Those who enjoy fiction and experience imagined scenarios better develop their empathy skills. Understanding someone else’s thoughts and feelings through the journey of a story can increase an individual’s ability to do so in real life. Empathy is especially significant within the workplace to understand how a team can work together and encourages effective support.

How to encourage reading in the workplace? 

As a forward-thinking employer, you may want to encourage employees to read more, promoting their efficiency and mental wellbeing.

Some simple solutions to this could be implicated through rewards and recognition. You may want to say thank you for your hard work to a particular employee and gift them employee vouchers for a bookstore or Amazon.

If you’re an eco-conscious team, perhaps sending some Epoints so colleagues can save up to purchase their own kindle is a more suitable option.

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