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7 Apr 2021

Outdated employee of the month scheme? Here’s how Each Person can help

An employee of the month scheme is probably one of the most fundamental elements of employee recognition. Yet, when established incorrectly, it can cause problems for company culture, relations and even communication.

Only 14% of organisations provide managers with the necessary tools for rewards and recognition which is perhaps why many companies are unable to properly apply such schemes.

The negatives of an employee of the month scheme

To start with, companies that use an employee of the month scheme without necessary planning and consideration may see significant issues.

Unfair situations

Team members may feel that outdated schemes pose unfair advantages to more ‘popular’ members of staff. On top of this, individuals may cling to the notion that they have not yet won. Consequently, this unfair stigma may cause employee relations and trust to decline.

Difficult to implement 

Companies with a vast amount of staff may find it challenging to carry out an employee of the month scheme. The world of remote working has had a knock-on effect on collecting nominations quickly and safely. Thus making outdated schemes hard to manage.

Admin heavy 

Collecting tangible nominations is a strenuous job. Almost all of those carrying it out may feel their time could be spent on more important tasks. Furthermore, remote working has meant that old ways of nominating are not possible.

Each Person’s approach to ’employee of the month’ schemes

Here at Each Person, we understand the value of accessible, quick and manageable rewards and recognition. So, we offer a streamlined and fully featured ‘nominations’ capability.

Removes admin

Companies can free up their staff’s time by removing the admin involved with collecting nominations. Each Person’s employee of the month scheme is completely online, so you can conduct it in a safe, easy and efficient manner.

Reporting system

Each Person’s nomination system is one of the few that offers a real-time reporting system. In other words, CEO’s can see digital data of nomination schemes, which can help strengthen its transparency and fairness. Not only that, but it also helps visualise whether a scheme is working successfully.

Easily accessible company-wide

Nominations can be used throughout all levels of a company, from assistant to CEO, assuring company-wide inclusion.

Fit company values

Companies can introduce schemes to fit specific cultures. For example, an employee of the month can quickly become a Rising Star or Sales Person of the Year. Subsequently, nomination schemes become an additional way to improve company culture.

In summary, investing time into a reward and recognition scheme such as employee of the month can and will have highs and lows for a company. However, Each Person can help introduce proactive and forward-thinking ways to encourage better systems. To find out more about Each Person and our perks at work visits us at and follow us on social media.

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