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26 Nov 2021

Why National Tree Week Could Help Your Business

This week is National Tree Week, so to honour this event, we’re going to tell you why investing in the earth could help your business. As the climate emergency becomes ever more critical, so is showing your company is actively supporting the cause. 

This article will explore why being more eco-friendly helps not only the planet but your business. 

Eco Appeal

The first thing to note is the more environmentally friendly your business is, the more likely new employees will want to join your company. Being a green business can be a huge selling point to those looking for work. Equally, 84% of consumers say they will continually search for sustainable companies where possible. At the same time, 61% of 22-35-year-olds would pay more if a product is eco-friendly. In addition to gaining new customers and employees, it can help staff retention. Celebrating National Tree Week and other similar events is a tangible way of showing your active impacts at work. Looking after your team is essential, but showing your overall consciousness can improve employee engagement as a whole. The more a business cares, the more employees with feel satisfied with their work. 

Green Gains

While being eco-friendly may gain you new customers and employees, it could also save you money. Being environmentally conscious could also mean being economically conscious, particularly with some government incentives that offer businesses financial motivation to become greener. Sometimes simply switching to more efficient methods, you can save money and, in turn, protect the environment. 

National Tree Week

Though showing you are looking at all areas of your company and how you could be more environmentally friendly is great, planting a tree helps show your customers you are actively supporting the cause outside of your business gains. Whether you give money to charity or plant trees as a company, it shows your dedication. National tree week is an excellent opportunity to give back to nature. Giving your consumers a chance to get involved can also help with customer engagement. 

Our Pledge

Here at Each Person, we want to show that we care about the environment. So not only do we allow you to plant a tree as part of your company, but we give 5% of our profits to Carbon Footprint to help plant trees around the world. 

On top of that, this Christmas, we’re pledging to help you give back to the planet. Through our partnership with Carbon Footprint, all you need to do is follow us and tag someone in the comments of one of our tree-pledge posts, and we will plant a tree for someone you know this Christmas! Check out our posts by following the links below to plant a tree for someone you love this Christmas.

Plant a Tree-LinkedIn

Plant a Tree-Instagram

National Tree Week is a great opportunity to show support for climate change issues. Whether you’re implementing your own eco-friendly workplace ideas or supporting climate change causes on a grander scale, improving your carbon footprint is great for business. Equally, if you want to plant a tree, consider looking at our website to do so today. Each Person gives your team the chance to plant a tree whenever they like. 

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