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8 Apr 2022

National Pet Day: What are the benefits of having pets at work?

What is National Pet Day?

National Pet Day takes place on the 11th of April. Animal welfare advocate Colleen Paige founded the celebration to honour our furry friends. Its purpose is to highlight animal welfare needs and promote adoption from shelters. Many people across the globe mark the occasion by taking their pets to work.

This year the celebration is particularly important. People who bought a pet in lockdown are struggling to cope now they have returned to the workplace. Consequently, animal shelters have reported a 20% increase in the number of animals being abandoned and the use of pet behaviour counsellors has doubled. Bringing attention to this is vital, so people understand what a huge responsibility it is to own a pet. However, there are ways employers can help pet-owners who are coming back to the office by adopting pet-friendly policies.

Having pets at work benefits both employees and employers

Having pets at work is not just a National Pet Day perk for companies such as Etsy. Pet-friendly workplaces have reported many advantages of having their pets by their side throughout the day. 70% of people say that dogs ease stress and increase staff morale at work.

According to the Blue Cross, about 44% of UK households have a pet this National Pet Day, and most of them agree that there are wellbeing benefits that come with housing a furry resident. Those with pets have better cardiovascular health, reduced stress, blood pressure and loneliness. These wellbeing benefits can translate into the workplace.

Pet-friendly workplaces have cited a better work-life balance. Taking temporary short breaks to play, walking dogs outside or interacting with pets, allows employees to step away and return to their work with a fresh set of eyes. 51% of people reported an increase in productivity after allowing animals in the office.

national pet day

Support mental wellbeing by celebrating pets

Since the pandemic began, the World Health Organisation has observed a 25% increase in anxiety disorders and depression, worldwide. One reason for this increase was the social isolation created by lockdown and the time people had to spend distanced from loved ones.

As workers are starting to go back to the office, social anxiety will be an unfortunate side-effect for many people. This National Pet Day, it could be a well-received policy to allow employees to bring their furry family members to work. This could offer them some much-needed support during the transition period.

Statistically workers’ morale is boosted by having pets in the office. So it is a great way for employers to retain talented employees. Ensuring employees have a positive experience in the workplace will improve their job satisfaction.

Treat the best boy or girl today

Of course, there are a variety of ways to celebrate National Pet Day that are not limited to taking your pet to work. You could treat your loyal companion to the perfect gift, get your hands on some party essentials for a big pet day bash or simply stock up on some pet supplies using our Epoints rewards. Why not send the perfect Ecard to say thanks to your colleague for blessing your day by bringing in their pet?

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