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12 May 2022

National Nurses Day: NHS Staff Survey Reveals Need For Better Rewards

This National Nurses Day takes place on the 12th of May. This year it is particularly important to celebrate the date. The recent NHS Staff Survey results revealed high-stress levels and burnout among hard-working healthcare staff. 

Across the service, there was a decline in those feeling optimistic about their career within the NHS. The rewards and recognition area of the survey was one of the areas that suffered a decrease in satisfaction.

48% of staff were not satisfied with the recognition they received for their hard work. This marked a 5% decline in satisfaction from the 2020 survey. At the same time, only 42% were satisfied with how their organisation values their work. This was a 6% decline from the previous year. These satisfaction levels were the lowest in five years.

Why Does the NHS Need to Keep Their Workers?

The number of people who have thought about leaving the NHS has risen by 4% to 31%. In addition, the number of NHS workers who would recommend working in the NHS has decreased from 67% to 59%. 

At a time when the NHS is experiencing staff shortages, there is a mounting need to ensure its employees feel valued. This was noted in the NHS’ response to the NHS Staff Survey, whereby they concluded that to restore staff satisfaction, they need to boost staff numbers to reduce the pressure on existing employees.

Consequently, NHS trusts such as West London have taken positive steps to ensure that their employees feel appreciated for their hard work.

NHS Trust’s Make Improvements Following The NHS Staff Survey

West London NHS Trust wanted to be able to reward their staff and say thank you for your hard work. Through Each Person, our clients have been able to provide peer-to-peer recognition for their workers.

The Each Person team met with Ali Webster, the Deputy Director of Organisational Development, to discuss how Each Person has benefitted West London NHS Trust. 

The reward scheme allowed staff to praise one another and realise just how important they are to each other. Ali Webster said: “It revealed pride in how staff responded to the new platform and gave an in-depth insight into how appreciative our staff are of each other.”

She went on to praise how the user-friendly has led to a quick uptake of the reward scheme. 85% of West London NHS Trust’s employees have signed up for the service. 

Ali Webster expressed that she would recommend Each Person to other NHS Trusts across the UK: “The Each Person platform has transformed reward and recognition for our organisation. I’d recommend other NHS Trusts start getting involved with this, it’s simple to use, and people love it […]. It’s starting to change our culture, and if we could spread that across the whole NHS, it would be a better place to work.”

Why Is Reward and Recognition Important For Healthcare Workers?

The NHS Staff Survey highlights the unfathomable amount of pressure that frontline workers suffered under due to the unprecedented COVID 19 pandemic in 2021. Doctors, nurses, and many other healthcare professionals not only cared for those suffering from the virus but risked their own health to do so. 

NHS workers deserve to be rewarded and recognised as a result of their hard work and dedication to caring for the public. With the rise in the cost of living, NHS employees will undoubtedly feel the pressure too. Each Person can offer employees discounts on both luxuries and essentials. The Epoints store offers gift cards on Tescos, Sainsbury’s and Amazon with cashback rewards that help users save while they spend.

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