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16 Aug 2021

Three Leadership Skills to Reshape the Workplace Post-covid

Leadership skills are now more critical than ever because the pandemic has drastically changed the workplace. We have remodelled teams, left offices, and moved meetings. But the changes within the ecosystems of the workplace do not have to mean a lack of productivity, happiness and company culture. In fact, with the appropriate leadership skills and additional perks at work, you can reshape the workplace for the better.

A minute 20% of managers in the UK rated themselves highly as purposeful leaders. Furthermore, only 40% of employees said their leader behaves ethically. Hence, a strong need for the improvement of leadership skills.

Leadership Skills

Empathy and Compassion

Firstly, empathy and compassion may not be something you would instinctively implement within your team. Nevertheless, being used in the right circumstances can help your people. Over the last year and a half, the UK has experienced changes never seen before. Therefore, having empathy and compassion within your roster of leadership skills will allow you to humanise yourself and connect with your people. Furthermore, individuals will feel more part of the team and emotionally united to their role resulting in higher employee engagement and workplace wellbeing.

Rewards and Recognition

The correct rewards and recognition can result in individuals feeling more appreciated at work. Around 50% of UK employees say a simple thank you for your hard work would suffice. Therefore, having the correct employee reward scheme can have a positive influence on your people. You can do so without having to change your approach too much.

Honesty and Communication

Many teams have found communication difficult during the pandemic. Working from home has changed face to face communication which may not return for some workplaces. For this reason, you need to break down barriers with unconventional methods of communication such as online meetings or phone calls. However, it’s not just about new ways of communication but how you communicate. Use open, honest and non-judgmental communication for your people to feel comfortable speaking with you. 

Conclusion for Leadership Skills

These leadership skills are most likely not new to you. However, they need to have more importance placed on them to take effect within the workplace post-covid. Renewed leadership skills will impact your people and yourself for the better. 

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