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21 Sep 2022

John Lewis Supports Workers Through Tough Times: Why Is It Important To Show Employees Gratitude?

This World Gratitude Day, it is essential that employers express their gratitude for their employees. Showing gratitude and supporting workers through tough times ensures that employees feel appreciated and valued. 

The cost of living crisis is bringing unprecedented challenges to households across the UK. This issue should not be ignored in workplaces as it is affecting everyone. If employers are to attract and retain talent, they must do what they can to alleviate the strain on their people. 

How Is John Lewis Supporting Their Employees?

John Lewis is demonstrating their gratitude by acknowledging the financial difficulties that so many people are currently facing. By supporting workers, they are reassured that their employer cares about their personal circumstances as well as their professional lives.

As winter approaches, the soaring energy prices are likely to increase yet again. In response, John Lewis is playing an active role in supporting their workers through these trying times. They are offering their employees free food to make sure their people are fed. This also eases at least one financial pressure from their worker’s shoulders.

Food is not the only essential that the retailer is offering support with. They are also offering interest-free loans, gift cards and bonuses. This will provide a financial lifeline to many employees who are struggling to make ends meet.

By offering this, John Lewis sets an important standard for other companies across the UK to follow suit.

World Gratitude Day Provides An Opportunity To Reach Out

With 8.9 million people in the UK at risk of poverty due to a monumental rise in bill prices, these types of offerings are not just perks at work, they are vital demonstrations of gratitude. Train strikes, postal strikes and other forms of industrial action are affecting business operations across the country. Therefore, employers must ensure their staff do not feel underappreciated. 

Celebrating World Gratitude Day in the workplace is essential to attracting and retaining talent. 66% of employees claimed that they would seek other employment if they did not feel appreciated in their current job. In addition, companies with a recognition-rich culture had a 31% lower staff turnover.

This World Gratitude Day provides a perfect opportunity for employers to demonstrate their gratitude and commitment to helping their workers through tough times. 

Each Person Can Help You Support Workers This World Gratitude Day

Perks at work are a bonus at any job, but showing personalised gratitude is a great way to support workers through hard times. Our rewards and recognition platform allows employers and managers to send rewards such as supermarket vouchers, to help employees get the essentials that they need.

The Each Person platform also enables people to appreciate each other’s hard work. Saying thank you for your hard work not only proves that you care about your employee’s professional development but also their self-esteem and confidence. You can learn more about our mission to help you reward and recognise your people on our website.

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