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26 May 2022

Can Hybrid Working Solve ‘The Great Resignation’?

60% of workers report that they would prefer remote or hybrid work. This news comes as the Office for National Statistics (ONS) revealed there are more job vacancies than unemployed people in the UK. This is the first time that this has ever been recorded. A recent survey has suggested that one in five employees are considering leaving their current jobs in the next year.

‘The Great Resignation’ has materialised after Employees reaped the rewards of working from home throughout the pandemic. Lockdown allowed the working world to sit back and re-evaluate their job satisfaction and pre-covid work-life balance.

Employers are looking for ways to retain talent by responding to their needs. While remote and hybrid working might be beneficial for staff satisfaction, maintaining a united team is equally as important. Hybrid working models are crucial to attracting skilled workers, but retaining talent is equally as important.

Why Is Hybrid Working The Way Forward

PwC’s survey discovered that jobseekers are demanding the ability to work either partly or entirely from home. Only 17% of workers said they would prefer to work fully or mostly in the office. These statistics of employee demands do not mirror how the UK’s workforce is currently working. 14% of workers said they were working fully from home, and 24% said their workplace had adopted a hybrid working model.

Based on the average UK salary, the average cost of employee turnover is around £11,000 per person every year. To allow workplaces to run in a more economically efficient manner, workers’ demands need to be met. 

How Do You Retain Employees While Working From Home?

Creating a positive and inclusive working environment while working remotely might seem like a challenge. But there are digital solutions to help employers achieve this. 

Rewards and recognition platforms are one way to ensure that employees can show their appreciation for one another, wherever they are. Managers can also say thank you for your hard work to show workers that their dedication does not go unnoticed. 

How Can Each Person Help?

Each Person is dedicated to helping businesses offer their employees perks at work. We believe that rewarding employees is vital to reducing staff turnover and improving employee well-being and workplace positivity. 

Through our Ecards, you can show your employees how much your organisation values them, wish them a happy birthday or even send something just for fun. Ecards allow employees to have constant communication with their colleagues that is driven by positivity.

The Each Person platform also enables workers to gift their colleagues Epoints. There are hundreds of products and gift cards available on Epoints such as Amazon, Tesco and Asos. With the cost of living rising, offering extra employee benefits is a great gesture to show your people that you care.

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