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8 Apr 2021

How HR dashboards are a must for rewards and recognition

Many forward-thinking companies are looking for the perfect way to improve company culture. Rewards and recognition in the workplace is a great start, but without HR Dashboards, companies innovative schemes could fall short. With 91% of companies saying that data-driven decision-making is important to the growth of their business, it is not surprising that HR Dashboards are an important instrument to the success of your schemes.

At Each Person, we believe it’s our responsibility to give you total visibility of how the reward program you have chosen has landed within your business. Here’s why having HR Dashboards can help company culture.

Real-time data with HR Dashboards

Through the use of our HR Dashboard, companies can see their recognition culture built first hand. Not all rewards and recognition providers make reporting easy. This lack of reporting is partly due to the challenges of getting regular engagement across your workforce. However, we believe that reward and recognition should be transparent and provide valuable data straight away.

See behaviours with HR Dashbaords

Our HR dashboards enable real-time data to be evaluated and show how teams across your business are recognising and rewarding each other.

Every interaction is tracked and shared in your HR dashboard. Data then highlights where improvements need to be made, such as education or communication of your scheme. From this, you can make clever decisions and find the best way to say thank you for your hard work.

Exporting data with HR Dashboards

You can easily export reporting data from your HR dashboard and analyse recognition in more depth than ever before. If you choose to link your reporting on absenteeism to recognition levels, you will see a positive correlation between the two. On top of this, by exporting data for rewards and recognition schemes, such as employee of the month, you can ensure fairness and transparency.

Control of sensitive information with HR Dashboards

Each Person is configurable, so you can decide who sees what. Managers will only see reporting on their team level and below, avoiding the challenges associated with engagement information shared wider. At the top level, you get full and detailed data on engagement across the entire company broken down by department.

In short, HR Dashboards are a vital part of the success of rewards and recognition in your company. By joining Each Person, we guarantee an efficient and understandable dashboard to help your schemes succeed. To find out more about Each Peron and our perks at work visits us at and follow us on social media.

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