How to view Nominations Activity, refer a nomination and pick a winner

1. To view the Nominations, first go to and login

Once logged in, go to the Nominations section and click on Activity via the options on the left hand side of the screen.

2. Exploring Activity

Within the activity section you can view more information about the nominations sent.

The table gives you a list of all of the employees who have received a nomination, showing you the number sent by peers, managers, external nominations and the overall total. To find out more about the nomination, click on the + symbol on the left hand side to open the information box.

Here you can see the date of the nomination, who it was sent by, what the reason was, the message included in the nomination and the nomination status.

You can also see the nomination actions; reject, refer and reward.

3. Rejecting a nomination.

To Reject a nomination, simply click on the bin icon. This will mean that the nomination is not selected for a prize this time.

4. Referring a nomination

To Refer a nomination, click on the envelope icon. This will then provide you with a drop down list of managers you can refer the nomination to. Once you have found the name of the manager you would like to refer to, select their name and hit refer.

5. Picking a Winner (Reward)

To choose a nomination winner, hit the medal icon underneath ‘reward’.

An action box will then appear where you can choose which prize you would like to give the winner along with a message to go with the award.

Once you are happy this is the person you want to select as a winner and happy with the prize and message, hit send award.

They will then be notified of their win and will appear as a winner in previous winners via the panel on the left hand side.