How to send an ecard (with the option to add Epoints & Reward)

1. Select ‘Employees’ under ‘Recognise’ in the left hand navigation

Click on “Recognise” in the left hand navigation and a menu will drop down. From here, you just need to select “Employees”.

2. Select and write your ecard

Firstly, select which design of ecard you wish to send.

Next, select a reason for sending your ecard from the drop-down menu and enter a personal message.

3. Select your recipients

Search for you who want to send the ecard to by typing in their name or email address into the search field. Matches will appear as you type and you just need to click on them to add them.

Alternatively, click “Search department” if you want to search by team. Type the department into the search field and select the person you wish to send an ecard to or click select all.

If you want someone else to be notified an ecard has been sent, you can optionally CC in their email directly into the field below.

4. Adding Epoints and send (if you’re sending an ecard alone, select none)

Select “Add Epoints” from the options and enter how many Epoints you would like to be awarded. This amount will go to each recipient if you are sending your ecard to more than one person.

Note: Your company has set up minimum and maximum levels for Epoints that can be given with an ecard – you will receive an error if you fall short of or exceed these levels.

Once you’re happy, check the summary text below and click “Send”.

5. If adding a reward (If sending an ecard alone, select none)

If adding a reward, select add reward which will then take you to the catalogue – search the item you wish to reward and select award.

Once you’re happy, check the summary text below. If everything is OK, click “Send”.