How to Nominate a Peer

1. To Nominate a peer head to and login

Once logged in, go to the Ecards section of the shop. Click on Give a Nomination from the options on the left hand side.

Along the top you will see two options, Ecard and Nomination. Here you want to select Nominations.


2. Completing the Nomination details

First select what kind of nomination you want to send from the list available, then select your nomination reason from the drop down list.


3. Writing a Nomination message

Next enter your nomination message. Here you can give more detail about why you want to nominate that person or department and what for, then hit next.

4. Select the nominee

Next you can search for the person or department who you would like to nominate. Once selected, their name will appear in the box, then hit next.

5. Sending the Nomination

Once you are happy with the options you have selected and your nomination message, you will come to a confirmation screen, giving you a breakdown of the nomination.

Once you are happy click confirm!


6. Confirmation

Once you have hit confirm, you will then see a success screen, confirming that your nomination has been sent. At this stage, the nominee will be notified that they have been nominated.