How to Claim a Product Reward

Getting started with Each Person

1. Open an Ecard you’ve just received

You will have received an email informing you that you’ve been sent an ecard and you wish to view it. The simplest way to do this is to click the ‘See full details!’ link below the ecard image. This will take you directly to the Ecard you’re looking for (you may be directed to a login
screen first if you are not currently signed in).

2. Login and navigate to ‘Reporting’

To begin, sign in to and Navigate to ‘Reporting’ on the left hand side. Then click on ‘People Activity’.
From here you can see all the ecards you have sent along with their details. For example, when you’ve sent an ecard, with the message and reward chosen.

You can also narrow down your search to specific terms, dates or filters provided.

3. Click ‘View’ on the ecard you wish to redeem a reward from

Select ‘View’ on the card you wish to claim a reward. This brings up a preview of your chosen ecard and further information.

If you were given a reward, it will be shown below the ecard image marked: ‘Reward:’ with a ‘Redeem Reward(s)’ option. Click this button.

4. Claiming your reward

After clicking ‘Redeem Reward(s)’, you will be shown your ecard in full and given the option to claim your reward and print your ecard. Select ‘Claim Reward’.

5. Input your delivery address and select ‘Order My Reward’

Next, you will see the reward you have been gifted. You will need to input the address you wish to receive your reward, and then, after checking your details, click ‘Order My Reward’.

When your order has gone through, it will show a confirmation message saying, ‘Your reward is on its way!’

From here, you can also view your order history to see all your previous order details. To do so, simply click ‘Rewards history’.