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16 Aug 2022

How to Attract and Retain Generation Z

Have you ever wondered who Generation Z are? What are effective methods to attract and retain your youngest employees? Look no further as we suggest strategies that you could adopt in your workplace so that they remain loyal to you!

If you aren’t familiar with the term “Generation Z”, they are people that are born between 1997 and 2012. They account for a large proportion of the workforce so the pressure is high for companies to cater to their needs. But Generation Z is shifting the focus as they appreciate positive employee well-being and mental health in the workplace.

A survey carried out by Deloitte Global 2021 Millennial and Gen Z found that stress and anxiety levels remain high in the workplace. The survey identified fears over job prospects were the leading cause of stress alongside long-term financial security and the welfare of their family. 

To overcome this challenge, we have put together a couple of strategies to use to attract and retain your youngest employees:

Give flexible working conditions

Generation Z has been surrounded by digital platforms for as long as they can remember. They are accepting when it comes to using tools such as Microsoft Teams. This makes working from home an option providing greater flexibility. Dell is an example of a company who give employees flexible working conditions such as choosing their working hours and remote working. This also benefited Dell as they were able to cut down their office space and save money!

Promote diversity and inclusion

A survey by Monster found that 83% of Generation Z valued a company’s commitment to diversity and inclusion when choosing an employer. Generation Z has rethought the definition of these terms and believes that it is more than age or gender. They have moved towards how employees’ opinions and views are accepted and valued. A strategy to use is to be sensitive to the messages you are sending out to your employees and promote any networks you may have that could appeal to them.

Nike is an example of a company that pushes diversity and inclusion in their workplace. They have successfully formed eight employee networks known as NikeUnited. Each network offers resources that are formed and managed by a range of employees and is free for anyone to join. They range from having a Pride Network to a Black Employee network, ensuring that they are inclusive to all!

Offering employee benefits

Three years ago employee benefits’ discovered two-thirds of UK employees thought that benefits they received from their company were equal to or more important than their basic salary. This statistic has continued on today with Generation Z mentioned as the biggest generation who values employee benefits. 

Diversity and inclusion is important as you must cater for different types of cultures and lifestyles. Some employees may be more interested in improving their physical well-being such as receiving a free gym membership. Others will be more interested in shopping and spending vouchers. Also providing benefits as Generation Z transition through different stages of life is important as they continue making use of them.

Promote career growth

Many workers reported the reason for leaving their jobs was due to the lack of opportunities they had to progress in their career. Despite salary being an attraction to remain in a job, the number of opportunities made available to Generation Z was also a big factor. Generation Z is starting to think long term and want to gain transferable skills to apply to different markets or roles. A tip would be to think more widely about promoting an internal talent marketplace so employees can identify opportunities that take their fancy and potentially try out new ones.

Let us help you utilise these strategies to help attract and retain Generation Z! Generation Z love feeling recognised and valued in their place of work. That’s why we have put together a reward and recognition platform for them to use. It can be as simple as sending them a thank you e-card for their hard work or using our epoints system to get money back on their shopping and using vouchers from a range of different retailers.

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