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21 Dec 2021

The Benefits Of Offering Generous Holiday Allowance

The end of the year is often a time for staff to take leave and enjoy some time off with the family. But this is not always possible depending on your job or the amount of leave you’re allowed. We want to discuss why giving your staff a good amount of holiday allowance around the end of the year is a positive for your business and your team

Don’t Overlook Holiday Allowance

When joining a company, there is usually a certain amount of negotiation about salary, benefits, hours, perhaps flexible working, but holiday tends to be set in stone. However, it is crucial to give your staff the time they deserve. It is also a good idea to review the holiday allowance you give your team.

Holiday Allowance Is Good For Your Health

Studies show that holidaying is good for wellbeing. A study showed that those who took holidays had higher wellbeing than those who did not. It has also been found that those who didn’t take holiday as often had a higher mortality rate. Other physical health benefits are lower blood pressure, better sleep quality, healthier heart, decreased risk of diabetes and obesity and reduced stress levels.

Health Equals Better Productivity

The better your staff feel mentally and physically, the more productive they will be at work. A good work-life balance is essential to coming into work with a fresh mindset and being productive with your time. If you’re less stressed and sleeping better, it makes sense that you can focus more and produce your best work. One study found that with every 10 hours extra holiday staff had, the end of year company ratings improved by 8%. So giving your team more holiday allowance means better employee engagement and productivity to help your business. 

Prevention Rather Than Cure

The other benefit of a generous holiday allowance is that it can help prevent burnout or other overworking issues. Prevention is always better than sorting out problems further down the line. Equally, while this will help your business in the long run, your employees will also greatly appreciate it. Showing you care about your team’s wellbeing will help them feel valued and looked after. This appreciation for staff also encourages them to stay with your company. Additionally, it makes your business look more appealing to new potential staff.

Choice and Flexibility

Holiday allowance is also about choice and the option to be able to take leave if necessary. Being able to encourage staff to take leave where necessary and look out for your team is vital to a business running smoothly. Equally, making sure employees take time for themselves and feel safe to do so throughout the year is important to help them take care of their wellbeing. On the other hand, if staff want to save for a trip away, consider ways to make both happen. This way, everyone is happy; gestures like this will show the company’s worth.

So if you think that allowing your staff a better holiday allowance will negatively impact your business, it might be time to rethink. Giving your team a generous holiday allowance means your staff work harder and are more productive.

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