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15 Dec 2021

Healthy Habits to help you over the festive season.

The festive season is often one of overindulgence and parties. While we believe it’s highly important to enjoy yourself and create a positive work-life balance, you don’t want that to be at the cost of your health. Equally, we don’t want you to think a few indulgent moments are something to feel guilty over, but if you’re trying to make your festive season healthier, we’ve got tips to help. 

Here’s our handy guide to healthy habits to help survive you and your staff survive the festive season. 

Healthy Habits:

Be Aware of What You’re Eating

Now, this doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy treats! The holidays are a time to relax and recharge, but you don’t want to be eating just for the sake of it. 

The number of parties and drinks over the season can often mean arriving without eating, but we recommend eating something small before you go. This way, you aren’t drinking on an empty stomach, but also don’t end up eating to the point of feeling full. Stopping eating before you feel full is another tip to remember. Your body takes time to register that you have eaten enough, so avoid overeating by eating slowly and steadily. Eating slowly also avoids any unwanted discomfort. 

The more you think about healthy habits, the easier it is to look after yourself, particularly at work socials. It helps make sure you can enjoy yourself without any extra concerns. Encouraging healthy habits at work is always a positive for your business, as looking after your team helps your business. It helps with productivity and employee engagement

Stay Hydrated

Another healthy habit to consider is hydration. Many of us may partake in some holiday drinks, and while this may be enjoyable, our bodies don’t always thank us later. Stay aware of how many drinks you’ve had and for every alcoholic drink, have a glass of water too. This tip can also help when you’re enjoying caffeinated or sugary drinks too. It’s always good to keep yourself hydrated with water and help flush out any toxins in your body. Remember, your body is 60% water. 

Once more, if your company is partaking in festive celebrations encouraging healthy habits helps safeguard your team members. Perhaps putting out water coolers or reminders during celebrations will help staff be more aware. Equally, if your celebrations are during the week, you will save any unproductiveness due to soreheads in the morning. 

Say No

It can often be hard to say no to things during the holiday season. When people have put effort into a meal or have paid for drinks, it’s easy to feel pressured into saying yes when offered. 

Not only is it okay to say no, but you can say ‘maybe later’ or ‘in a bit’. Sometimes saying no isn’t always easy, so if they’re trying to refill your plate again, saying not right now helps you feel you’re not simply saying ‘no’. 

Equally, if those around you are trying to get you to have another drink, remember it’s okay not to. If you are organising festive celebrations, make sure to emphasise the celebration part and not the drinks, your company should feel they can come to the event without feeling pressured to drink. It has been reported 25% of office parties won’t involve alcohol.

Adding Healthy Alternatives

While not everyone will be on board with swapping out traditional foods or drinks over the festive season, slightly tweaking recipes or adding in a few healthy ingredients can make a difference. This healthy habit is one you can take beyond the festive season too! Try swapping ordinary potatoes for sweet potatoes or swapping classic crisps for lentil or vegetable crips. Additionally, reducing any salt or sugar in recipes slightly or reducing the amount of meat consumed can help create a healthier intake. Equally, reducing your animal product consumption is also an excellent eco swap.

If you plan on supplying food for a work function, consider your options and how you could make healthier choices. It is a great chance to look after the health of your employees and therefore your business. This can also allow you to be more inclusive to those with dietary restrictions or requirements. Eating better is proven to help boost your immune system, which means the fewer days your staff will take off and the more productive your business. 


Away from work, the holiday period is often thought of as family time, but this can be overwhelming for some. Putting aside time for yourself during this season is vital to looking after your mental health. Whatever that may be, doing something just for yourself helps give you some self-reflection and a breather from the holiday excitement.

Similarly, allowing staff to opt-in or out of any events enables them to focus on whichever area of their wellbeing they need to, be that social or personal. Remember, you don’t know what others are going through, so don’t assume the worst if someone says no to a work event. 

Don’t Put Pressure On Yourself

Sometimes, it’s easy to feel that if you eat unhealthily or indulge during the season, you will regret it later. Though this can happen, it’s important not to put that pressure on yourself. The holiday season is about enjoying oneself and having a break from the stress of working life. Looking after your wellbeing does include healthy habits, but it is also about balance and being happy. If traditional festive food makes you happy, then why not enjoy it.

These healthy habits are just some ways you and your team can choose to look after your health during the festive season. These tips can also be taken into everyday life and the workplace, but balance and the bigger picture are essential. When looking at how to be healthier in life, it is necessary to look at all of the areas of lifestyle and see how minor changes here and there that are achievable can help rather than being restrictive or unrealistic. 

Looking after yourself and your wellbeing is essential to coming back to work in a good frame of mind. The more positive and healthy you feel, the better your productivity. Equally, the more productive you and your team are, the less stressed everyone will feel, as it is easier to stay on top of the workload. 

Put Wellbeing First

Consider offering a support system for your employees where they can go for advice about all aspects of their lives beyond work-related subjects. Here at Each Person, we offer our staff and our clients the opportunity to better their wellbeing with our Wellbeing Hub. The Wellbeing Hub offers users the chance to take their wellbeing into their own hands and explore numerous articles about financial, mental and physical health. 

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