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20 Sep 2021

How to Celebrate National Week of Happiness at Work

Happiness at work is fundamental to your people’s mental wellbeing, teamwork and employee engagement. As a direct result of happiness, they feel more appreciated. Leading to this increase in positive behaviours. Which, let’s face it, positively impacts the whole team. However, creating such positive company cultures to promote this work environment can be a daunting challenge. Nevertheless, here at Each Person, we’ve made it our mission to help companies do just that! 

Over the last two years, the happiness of workers has dropped by 75%. National Week of Happiness at work is the perfect time to introduce new methods into your workplace to give your people something more! It pays off to put them first. After all, they are what helps make your company a success. 

We have put together five ways in which you can celebrate National Week of Happiness at Work to make it a little easier and more fruitful. 

Team Building Helps Relationships

Organising team-building exercises can offer many benefits. Not only does it increase employee relations, but it also allows your people to feel rewarded (depending on the activity). When your people have strong foundations and feel appreciated, they work harder. 

Try to think of different activities that break the mould of conventional team-building exercises. In effect, this will be more exciting and enticing. 

Wellness Days to Increase Happiness at Work

Workplace wellbeing has been a hot topic in the HR community. Given the economic, environmental and mental climate we now live in, it is no surprise that looking after your people’s wellbeing should be of utmost importance. Therefore, introducing wellness days, such as time off or allotting time in the office to concentrate on wellbeing, is a great way to help happiness at work. 

Perhaps, introducing a Wellbeing Hub for your people to use. A place where they can access helpful information regarding mental, physical and financial wellbeing is a great place to start. 

Reward and Recognise Hard Work

Rewards and recognition are proven to help boost employee satisfaction. Looking at Each Person’s reward scheme, of the employers who use it, 91% of their employees said they feel valued. Compared to an average of 62%, we can see that rewards and recognition help your people exponentially. Simply put, when your people feel valued, they feel happy!

Ask for Inspiration about Happiness at Work

Another great way to introduce more happiness at work is to simply ask your people what they want. In doing this, they feel listened to and acknowledged. Additionally, you will implement new ways that will actually work.

Offering more Perks at Work

Perks at work are a great way to appreciate your people and improve levels of employee satisfaction. For example, offering employee vouchers from big brands!

National Week of Happiness at Work can be a great way to improve staff’s wellbeing. Therefore, boosting productivity. Remember, you don’t have to do all of these steps. But by using a few, you and your team will benefit greatly. 

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