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27 Oct 2022

Ways To Celebrate Halloween At Work

Celebrating Halloween at work is the perfect opportunity for you and your colleagues to showcase creativity at work. It can also be used as a positive team building tool to get all your staff together.

I mean when else is it acceptable to come into the office in your spookiest outfit and stuff your face with sweets?

halloween at work

In recognition of this, we have come up with 10 spooktacular ways to celebrate Halloween at work:

1. Pumpkin Carving Contest

You can get in the spooky spirit by hosting a pumpkin carving contest either individually or in groups. A good idea would be to split your staff into groups and then have them pick a design out of a hat. You could also make it extra fun by giving them a specific time frame to complete it by. Specific awards can be given out to those who have the most scariest, creative or inventive pumpkins.

2. Costume Party

Why not host a Halloween themed costume party? Give your staff the challenge to dress up in their spookiest outfit and advertise early to encourage them to participate. You could award prizes for the best dressed people with instant vouchers from Each Person.

Your social media team could share the teams spooky costumes on LinkedIn.

3. Decorating the office

Decorating the office is the perfect opportunity to get everyone in the office involved. Get in the spooky spirit by decorating your desks with Halloween items. You could add some hanging decorations and add a table lamp for a spooky glow to the office!

4. Halloween Bake Off

Why don’t you take inspiration from the Great British Bake Off? You could give everyone the challenge to make Halloween inspired treat and decide who the ‘Star Baker’ is.

5. Mummy Wrapping

Remember that classic kids party game where you would race to wrap your friends up in loo roll as quickly as possible? Who said you can’t bring youthful activities to work to mark the spooky holiday. Games like this may seem silly, but theyre a great way to break the ice, improve the atmosphere of a workplace and boost staff morale.

6. Hand out treat bags

You can hand out spooky treat bags to celebrate Halloween at work. You can purchase supermarket vouchers from Each Person’s shop (and claim cashback) such as Tesco or Asda and purchase some spooky treats.

7. Early finish

Allowing your people to leave early on special occasions shows that you care about their personal lives as well as their professional careers. For families with children, Halloween is fun-filled celebration that creates memories for years to come. For others, it gives employees the opportunity to have a spooky move night in or hit the town in their best costumes!

8. Cocktail Party

Why don’t you make Halloween themed cocktails after work? You can allocate specific ingredients for people to bring in and have a few drinks after work. This is a sure way to get you in the spooky spirit.

9. Halloween escape room

An excellent team building activity your staff can get involved with is escape rooms. This pushes everyone outside their comfort zone and work alongside people they don’t usually work with. You could take an office day off and go and visit an escape room. Alternatively, there are many virtual escape rooms avaliable. Here are some ideas:

10. Halloween Quiz

If you’re wondering how to reward your employees over the Halloween period, look no further than Each Person. Each Person is the ultimate reward and recogniton platform to help you not only attract employees but retain them too. Employee vouchers are the perfect way to reward your employees, especially when it comes to your Halloween competitions. If you have any questions about Each Person and how they can help you, contact

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