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festive financial stress
6 Dec 2021

Our Secret to Helping Your Employees’ Festive Financial Stress

As we move closer and closer to Christmas, financial strain may become more prominent on your employees’ minds, contributing to festive financial stress. We know it can be costly to fund Christmas, with presents, food and travelling expenses to anticipate and potentially save for months in advance. There’s also social pressures such as school activities and other festive events on top of this financial stress. Here at Each Person, we recognise these struggles and want to help your employees. Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Boxing Day Deals might be very tempting and mean people may spend more than anticipated. The average family spend £800 more than usual at Christmas. Moreover, one in eight of us might creep into four-figure spending. 

Relying on credit without a clear plan of paying it back can lead to stress, anxiety and ultimately lost workdays. Additionally, money worries are one of the biggest causes of stress and roughly 2.4 million UK businesses are impacted by poor employee financial wellbeing. Furthermore, stress can lead to presenteeism or physical health issues that may impact your employees. This may cause them to go off sick. Over three-quarters of employees who admit to worrying about money say that this financial burden impacts them at work. Consequently, impacting performance and having implications for business. It is no surprise that Christmas cannot be expected to be the most productive period. How can your organisation alleviate festive financial stress and pressures for your employees this season? 

Wellbeing Hub 

The first way to encourage conversations about financial wellness is to talk about the issue at hand. A Wellbeing Hub  can be the perfect place to do this as it promotes talk about topics that your employees need help with. Not only financial wellness, but mental and physical wellbeing too. It can become even more important to talk about these topics during holiday periods, which could enhance festive financial stress.

Empower Employees with Financial Knowledge 

Help your team with planning and budgeting skills to equip them with the capacity to take charge of their finances and prepare for key dates well in advance. Workshops, coaching sessions or digital programs are just some examples of where you can start!

Savings Club 

The secret to saving your people money could be to offer benefits, such as a Savings Club . If you’re interested in exploring ways to help your team’s financial and mental wellbeing, we have the perfect solution for you. Research showed that over 17 million people in the UK have less than £100, with many in debt to payday lenders and extortionate interest rates.

To solve this problem we are introducing a savings solution for employees, at no cost to employers or employees. A certain percentage of an employees’ salary can be put into a savings account each month, earning them up to 6% interest on this. We understand that the paycheck before Christmas has to go a long way until January payday. Therefore, we also offer a buy now pay later service, allowing your employees interest-free credit for up to 30 days. In this way, your employees won’t be seeking short-term, high-interest credit solutions, but have a trustworthy and secure option available to them, with no hidden costs. 

Rewards and Recognition 

Valued teams demonstrate higher levels of employee engagement and satisfaction. Having a personalised employee reward scheme can help your organisation demonstrate to their team their importance in the company. When you sign up to Each Person, every single one of your employees gets a free subscription to Epoints, our website full of a range of over half a million products, so there’s something for everyone. 


Epoints offers discounts, employee vouchers, gift cards and a whole range of other products all designed to help your employees get the most out of their spending, especially during the festive period. Your employees can save hundreds of pounds each year with access to this membership! At Epoints, you can get up to 10% cashback on your purchases, so your employees are always better off. Epoints is the fastest way to shop across multiple retailers all in one place, saving you time this Christmas. Your employees can also save money while they save the planet by donating £1 worth of Epoints to eco-projects to plant a tree this Christmas. 

With these simple solutions, your organisation can have happier and healthier employees by reducing their financial stress. This will improve employee morale, as they will be less stressed. In turn, this will benefit organisational performance both short and long-term.

To find out more about how Each Person can help your organisation with festive financial stress, visit or contact us at

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