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17 Jun 2019

Wine & spirits provider Enotria&Coe launches reward, recognition and retail discounts

Enotria&Coe, the UK’s leading wine and spirits provider, has announced its partnership with Each Person. Launched in May, the partnership will see Enotria&Coe reward, delight and show appreciation to employees with Each Person’s all-encompassing recognition, employee reward and retail discount platform.

Gemma Bolton, Director of HR, Enotria&Coe, said: “Our employees are passionate and work hard to exceed customer expectations. They are the life-blood of the company and we understand the importance of ensuring each and every employee feels valued. Keen to reinvigorate our employee engagement strategy, we wanted to launch a more structured and attractive recognition and employee reward scheme. After researching our options, we were keen to work with Each Person.

“Not only does Each Person offer employees huge savings, but it also has a valuable recognition and employee reward platform, which encompasses ecards for recognition and the ability to employee reward employees with the epoints currency which they can spend on a wide variety of rewards. The platform is simple to use and includes many valuable tools, such as reports on recognition across the business and reminders of special occasions for managers.”

Each Person is the only recognition and employee rewards scheme powered by epoints, the exclusive multi-retailer shopping platform, which offers the very best online savings. Through Each Person’s exclusive partnership with epoints, organisations that choose Each Person as their recognition and rewards platform can offer employees free membership to the epoints shopping platform. With epoints, employees will enjoy typical savings of 30 – 45% on their online shopping at major retailers such as John Lewis, B&Q, Amazon, Superdrug and many more.

Each Person also provides employers with an all-round recognition and rewards platform. As a CIC (Community Interest Company) this is provided to companies free of charge with 100% of investment spent on employee rewards. Employees can use the platform to recognise each other with digital ecards and they can attach the epoints digital currency as a special reward. The recognition and rewards platform can also be used to remind managers of important dates such as long service anniversaries or birthdays. With its real-time reporting dashboard, companies can also use the platform to monitor recognition and rewards activity taking place within the organisation.

Gemma continues: “One of the key benefits of Each Person is its ability to enable us to align our recognition and employee rewards programme with our core company values. This ensures that employees are reminded often about what is expected from them as an organisation. And, indeed, what they can expect from the company and their colleagues.”

Matt Norbury, CEO and Founder of Each Person and epoints, said: “Employee recognition schemes need to appeal to all employees, regardless of age, gender or interests. Very often, however, companies adopt a one size fits all approach. With Each Person, employees can select their own reward from the epoints shop, where there are hundreds of thousands of products to choose from. The Each Person platform is also incredibly simple to use for both managers and employees, which ensures better engagement in the scheme. We are thrilled to be working in partnership with Enotria&Coe and look forward to developing our relationship with them further.’

The epoints digital currency can also be collected outside the workplace as part of an employee’s everyday activity via the epoints app and desktop website. If employees do not have enough epoints to purchase a reward, they can top up their epoints through simple activities such as playing games and referring friends. The epoints currency can also be purchased online and gifted to and from friends and family.


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