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What makes an engaged workforce?

There are many factors that create an engaged workforce. Generally this has very little to do with remuneration

3 main drivers of employee engagement:

Employee Engagement - epoints Employee


Does the employee have an affinity for the purpose and direction of the organisation? Is the organisation’s vision clear?  Do they know their job purpose and how success is measured?

Employee Engagement - epoints Employee


Will the employee be given the resources and support to do the best job they can?  What development is available to them?  Will their skills and capabilities grow?


Employee Engagement - epoints Employee


How does the organisation show appreciation?  Is there a culture of gratitude? How is success celebrated and recognised?


Engaging employees is good for business


Engaging employees means more than remuneration. Providing recognition for employees through epoints lets you reward employees for specific “magic moments”, meeting tangible targets and achieving health and wellbeing goals.

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Some happy employer testimonials

The epoints reward and recognition scheme has transformed the way we work in the home. I can engage with my staff on both a formal and informal level easily, and a simple “thank you” goes a long way. The staff also love epoints as they are able to collect them outside of the workplace doing everyday activities and spend the points on rewards they really do want. Emma Staples

Home Manager, Elmstead Care Home, Bupa

epoints is a unique employee incentive scheme that has been very successful in it’s roll out throughout Specsavers stores. As staff can choose their own rewards, it has been hugely motivational for them and this in turn has had a signifi cant impact on both employee engagement and sales. Jill Clark

Director of Retail Communications, Specsavers

We have been really happy with the results so far and the way our teams across the UK have embraced epoints. It has not only enabled us to demonstrate that we really appreciate all our employees’ hard work but it has made each and every member of the team, across the UK feel part of our special community. Will Guy

Strategic HR Business Partner, People, Bupa Care Services

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