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Fun and rewarding staff appreciation program using gamification from Each Person

Gamification forms habit and it’s fun!


People value things that they win more than things that they are given and employees will love the addictive games and our spin-the-wheel on our partner app epoints, where users have the opportunity to earn epoints or be entered in a prize draw every day. Gamification is a fantastic way to form habit and it’s fun! The epoints app encourages daily engagement in the Each Person staff appreciation program as users can win daily prizes including epoints every day. By enabling them to win epoints outside the workplace, employees are regularly reminded of the Each Person scheme and they can quickly earn enough points to spend on a reward. Keeping engagements with the scheme brief yet enjoyable is what sets us apart and is definitively more modernised than a lot of outdated company intranets.

Delight employees
with chance to win a daily prize

As well as being able to win, and indeed earn, epoints via the epoints app, employees can also win many other fantastic prizes. several big prizes up for grabs every month, including gadgets, vouchers, tablets, TVs, experiences and much more. All of these are available in our many competitions and monthly prize draws on our sister epoints app. 

Staff appreciation program using gamification from Each Person to earn epoints and win prizes
Boost staff engagement with Each Person's staff appreciation program using gamification

Encourages daily engagement



Since the introduction of gamification features on the epoints app, average monthly usage of the app has soared. Gamification leads to an increase in Dwell time. By having a fun and quirky edition to your app, it makes it much more memorable. with this, you can count on us for increased engagement with your employee benefit scheme.

With the Each Person staff appreciation program, employers can also add their own prizes to the wheel which can be exclusively won by company employees. Make working for your company even more rewarding! 

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