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Employee to employee recognition and acknowledgement using Each Person ecards


cross-organisational recognition

The Each Person scheme facilitates peer-to-peer recognition and top down recognition with the use of ecards.

Ecards are digital thank you cards which are sent via Each Person to an employee’s email. Managers can send an e-card alone as a simple non-monetary value acknowledgement and can attach the epoints currency as a reward.

Employee engagement in the scheme is ensured as the programme enables employee to employee recognition as colleagues can send eachother ecards.

50% of employees say a

simple thank you would make them feel more valued

In a recent employee survey carried out among almost 700 employees of a major UK employer, almost 50% of employees stated that a simple thank you would make them feel more valued in the workplace. 

With Each Person, formally saying thank you with ecards couldn’t be more simple. Employee to employee recognition as well as top down recognition is just a few clicks away. Ecards can be sent within minutes and there is the option to copy in a line manager to ensure every employee is fully recognised for their hard work. 

Say thank you with employee to employee recognition ecards from Each Person
Personalised employee to employee recognition thank you ecards

Tailor to company

values and goals

Managers can send ecards with or without epoints attached via the Each Person Recognition and Rewards Manager. Employers use our default ecard GIFs or can create their own company branded ecards, which can echo their company values and objectives. Employers can also define a minimum and maximum number of epoints that can be sent with each ecard. Each manager is allocated a specific number of epoints to share with their team, which is pulled from the overall company epoints budget.

Employees can also send ecards to their peers directly from their epoints account. If they choose to attach the epoints currency to their ecard, the epoints will be drawn from their own personal account.


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