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Enabling employers to show their appreciation in the workplace to employees

Reward employees with universal currency

Every employee is an individual, with very different interests and motivations. So, when it comes to showing employees appreciation in the workplace, it can be challenging to offer rewards which every employee would find valuable.

Fuelled by the epoints currency, which can be spent on the widest range of rewards in the world, Each Person makes it simple to demonstrate appreciation in the workplace. So, whether an employee is an adrenaline junky or a bookworm, employees can spend their epoints on a reward they choose.

Collect via simple activities outside the workplace

When sending an ecard to an employee, employers can attach the epoints currency, which will be deposited into an employees epoints account instantly.


As well as being awarded with epoints in the workplace via the Each Person scheme, epoints can also be collected outside the workplace via a range of simple everyday activities. Employees can shop online at 1800+ retailers and at 85,000+ physical stores, they can play games, invite friends, log into epoints daily and can also collect and win epoints on the games section. Get 10% off all products from our range of premium retailers.

Show employee appreciation in the workplace with epoints, which can be topped up via simple activities
Enabling employers to show their appreciation in the workplace with epoints which can be quickly accrued

Employees can quickly accrue value

A key reason why there is a lack of engagement in some employee recognition and appreciation in the workplace schemes is because it can take considerable time and effort to get a reward. As employees can collect epoints in the workplace through the Each Person scheme, and outside the workplace via a range of simple everyday activities, employees can quickly accrue epoints value to spend on a reward that they personally find valuable. This ensures high levels of engagement from employees. Employees can spend their epoints on everything from restaurant, holiday and shopping vouchers to electronics, beauty and gaming.

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