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Enabling employees to

choose their own rewards 

In a survey carried out among almost 700 employees of a major UK employer, 32% stated that a reward for a job well done would make them feel more valued by their employer. Yet, despite best intentions, many corporate employee award schemes fail to engage employees. One of the key reasons for this is that the rewards on offer are not relevant or of interest to an employee. When you consider the diversity of today’s workplace, which can often see four generations of employees, it’s no surprise that a reward that might interest one employee would not be of interest to the next. With this in mind, it’s no wonder that the ‘one size fits all’ approach to corporate employee awards does not work.

Each person is different: employees can spend their epoints on a reward that they personally find valuable. epoints has the largest reward range in the world, so, whether an employee is a green fingered gardening enthusiast or an adrenaline junky, there will be a reward to suit them.

Popular categories include


Film & TV

Health & Beauty


Simple,competitively priced and flexible

Employers also have the option of tailoring the corporate employee award range, where they can highlight offers that might be particularly relevant to employees. Companies can also add their own products to the reward range.

Employees can redeem their epoints for a reward when they have as little as 250 epoints, the equivalent of £1.50. Each epoint is worth half a penny and the value of each epoint does not change. Rewards are competitively priced and include delivery to the UK and Ireland within 10 working days. Rewards are incredibly simple to order, even for those who are not technically minded.

The epoints rewards range includes products and experiences from a wide range of brands, from high end designer brands to cheaper brands for those looking for a bargain. We also source exclusive offers on products, which employees would be unable to get anywhere else on the high street.



Huge range of rewards

Price include Delivery 

Delivered in 10 days to UK and Ireland

Rewards are competitively priced

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