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Appreciating employees at work with the Each Person recognition and rewards scheme

Delight employees with money-saving offers

Money worries can be a huge distraction for many employees. In fact, according to a survey by Barclays, 1 in 10 employees are struggling with money and 46% worry about their finances. This can be a huge distraction for employees and can have a considerable affect productivity. With Each Person, you can help employees make huge savings with the help of our partner website, epoints. At epoints, you can earn 10% off our major retailers that we have in our shop.

All the best deals

With the epoints multi-retailer store and online currency, you can save 10% off of the retail price from our selection of premium retailers. There are some huge names in the epoints roster such as Argos, Amazon, Debenhams and many many more! Delivery is no problem. All delivery is included in the price and will be packaged and shipped by the retailer. All deliveries will arrive within a 10 working day guarantee to the UK and Ireland. The discounts are cumulative. Simply put, when the retailer has a sale, you save even more. So why wouldn’t you shop through us? Have a look at the shop today!

Appreciating employees at work with the money saving app bigDL
By appreciating employees at work with Each Person's money saving offers employers can boost positivity and productivity

Exclusive offers to save £100s per year

Appreciating employees at work couldn’t be more simple with Each Person. We want to take the strain off employees in their home life too by saving them hundreds of pounds every year with exclusive Each Person employee offers. We source offers on everything from mobile phone contracts, TV packages, electricity bills and more, enabling employees to save £100s every year.

Our exclusive offers are available only to employees of organisations that have joined the Each Person scheme, offering employers the chance to give employees added value through the scheme. 

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