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Businesses need to do more to show employees that they are appreciated and valued

Employees who feel valued through company recognition schemes are more productive, engaged and loyal to their business.

With top-down and peer-to-peer epoints sharing, powerful reporting and a highly flexible set-up, it’s simple to reward and recognise your team with Each Person in a positive and engaging way.

Key benefits of our company recognition scheme include…

Flexibility and tailoring

Option to personalise and tailor the company recognition scheme to a business’ objectives and values. This could include recognising employees for meeting sales targets or for demonstrating behaviours such as team work or going the extra mile.

Real-time reporting

Get visibility of everything going on within your business from a  recognition and reward perspective with our powerful reporting views.
This gives employers the opportunity to track how engaged employees are in the company recognition scheme.

Cost Effective

With the Each Person employee recognition and rewards scheme, employers can get up and running without having to pay any set up fees. There are also no maintenance fees, with 100% of the company investment going to employee rewards when you adopt our standard platform.


The Each Person company recognition scheme is simple to set up and use. We do the hard work for you to get you onto the platform painlessly and to get everyone using it. The Each Person platform is simple to use even for those not technically savvy.

Effortless setup

The platform is simple to set up even for those who are not technically minded. It’s incredibly simple to tailor the platform in terms of choosing your reward reasons, which should be linked to business objectives and goals. Employers can also create their own ecard templates inline with company branding. Importantly, the scheme is also simple to use from an employee perspective. Employees simply need to provide their email address which will be used to set up their account, where they can view ecards, collect epoints and select their rewards.

Businesses can also easily represent their company setup with the epoints platform, tailoring the scheme according to the company’s structure. We create your business structure on the platform and you can easily add new staff members to specific departments as your business changes. Your structure will adhere to the rules you enter about who can see what pages and what permissions you grant to employees to award epoints. 

There are also no set or maintenance fees, with 100% of investment spent on rewards. This means the only cost of the company recognition scheme is the epoints that you issue to employees. 76% of employers cite cost as a barrier to introducing new benefits for employees, with Each Person this barrier is removed.*

Recognise with ecards; reward with epoints

Rewarding your staff on company branded ecards is just a few clicks away. Employers can send ecards alone as a simple non-monetary value acknowledgment and can attach the epoints currency as a special reward.

To send an ecard, managers simply need to select an ecard template, a reason why they are sending the ecard, the recipient(s) and whether they’d like to attach epoints. They can then add a personal message. Employers can set limits on how many epoints can be sent per reason. Each epoint is worth half a penny, with 200 epoints worth £1. Each epoint is worth the same amount, whether you’re collecting or spending them.

Once an ecard is sent, the recipient will receive an email notification instantly alerting them that they have received an ecard. They can then view their ecard by logging into their epoints account and clicking the ‘ecard’ tab. Any epoints sent will be instantly added to their account – ready for them to spend on their chosen reward. Employees can get a reward with as little as just over 100 epoints and all rewards are competitively priced and include delivery.

Simple reporting dashboard

It’s critical to the success of a company recognition scheme to monitor employee engagement. Not only to know that staff are truly engaging in your reward and recognition scheme, but also to see how epoints are being distributed especially if you’re a large employer. The Each Person interface gives you insight into who is being rewarded, who is giving recognition and how active your business is participating in the scheme.

With the easy to use reporting dashboard, you’ll have a view of: the total number, and unique number, of epoints.com logins per day, the total number of ecards sent per day, the number of unique ecards sent per day, the reasons each ecard was sent and the number of ecards opened. This enables employers to get a real-time view of company-wide engagement in the scheme.

The reporting dashboard is incredibly simple to use. Employers can choose to look at specific dates and can easily export the data to an Excel spreadsheet.

*Employee Benefits survey 2016
Easy-to-use company recognition and corporate rewards scheme for employees

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