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Each Person Eecards make team recognition fast and simple

Facilitate team recognition with ecards

Ecards are digital thank you cards which can be sent alone as a simple acknowledgement or can be sent with the epoints currency attached as a special reward. Unlike with many team recognition and reward schemes, with Each Person, every employee no matter what position they hold can send and receive ecards.

In a survey carried out among employees from organisations that have adopted the Each Person scheme, 71% of employees stated that they valued recognition from anyone within their organisation. With Each Person, every employee can actively engage in the scheme.

Simple for everyone

It’s incredibly simple to send an ecard to a colleague with the Each Person team recognition scheme, even for those who are not technically minded. Employees can send ecards to their colleagues via their own epoints account and managers can send ecards to individuals or departments through the Each Person Recognition and Rewards Manager.

To send an ecard, employees simply need to log into their account and click the ecards tab. They can then select an ecard template of their choice, choose a recipient, write a personal message and select whether they would like to attach epoints before sending.

Boost employee positivity and productivity with team recognition ecards from Each Person
Instantaneous employee to employee team recognition with ecards from Each Person

Ecards sent and received in real-time

Once an ecard is sent, the recipient will receive it instantly and will be notified via email. Employees can also copy in additional people who they would like to notify once the ecard is sent, such as the recipient’s manager. Any epoints sent will also be added to their account ready to spend on rewards they’ll love. They  can view their ecard and epoints balance by logging into their account. Each epoint is worth half a penny, with their value being the same whether an employee is collecting or spending them. Employees can get a reward with as little as just 250 epoints, the equivalent of £1.50.

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