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Prize incentives for employees from Each Person recognition and rewards scheme

Win daily prizes on our partner app bigDL

 Delight employees with our addictive prize mechanic on our partner app bigDL. The free money-saving app provides users with the very best deals across the high street and online and the ability to earn and win epoints. The app features the fun game, The Big Deal Wheel, where users can win a guaranteed daily prize every single day.

There are thousands of prizes up for grabs every month. This includes instant wins such as epoints bundles and vouchers, to prize draw entries for our monthly draw, where employees can win huge prizes such as tablets, TVs, experiences and much more.

Prizes encourage daily engagement 

Since the introduction of the Big Deal Wheel game on the app, average monthly app views increased by 180%, from seven monthly views to 19. Dwell time on the app increased by an impressive 350%, from 13 mins to 60 minutes. To put this in perspective, this is double the monthly dwell time of Twitter.

The success of the bigDL app among employees helps encourage engagement in the Each Person scheme, as users can use the addictive app to top up their epoints outside the workplace. As an employee can quickly earn epoints value inside and outside the workplace, they are never too far away from their next reward.

Boost productivity and engagement with prize incentives for employees
Fantastic prize incentives for employees with Each Person

Earn the chance to win more prizes

As well as getting one free spin of the wheel of fortune every day, users will also get the chance to earn additional spins on the wheel, and additional prizes. Spins can be earned by sharing one of the many fantastic deals on offer with a friend. Deals can be shared with friends via social media or via email. As soon as a deal is shared the user will get their extra spin. Employees can also invite friends to download the bigDL app to earn an additional 5 spins. Extra spins can also be won on the wheel.


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