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The only employee appreciation scheme

 powered by epoints

Employee appreciation schemes can often be anything but rewarding. With some schemes it can take real effort to get a reward. And, when an employee finally does get a reward, the choice can be limited, uninspiring and even unwanted. The Each Person employee appreciation scheme, powered by epoints, is different. epoints is the shopping platform which provides a huge range of products and experiences from the UK’s major employees all with 30 – 45% discount. 

With the Each Person employee apprecation scheme, employees are recognised with ecards (digital thank you cards) and can be rewarded with the epoints digital currency. epoints can then be spent at the epoints shop on a choice of hundreds of thousands of rewards. When an employer joins in partnership with epoints, employees will gain free access to the exclusive epoints shopping platform, which is generally £24 PA for regular consumers. 

 Typical savings of 30 – 45%



With epoints, you can shop multiple retailers all in one place, compare prices and get typical savings of 30 – 45%. There is no compromise on deliveries, returns or guarantees and the selected reward will be delivered from the retailer direct. 

With epoints, employees will enjoy 10 – 20% off the retailer price of products listed in the epoints shop. Couple the epoints discount with the retailer’s own discount and employees will get an average of 30 – 45% off products.

 How it works

 Easily top up epoints balance


As well as being able to earn epoints in the workplace through the Each Person employee appreciation scheme, employees can also top up their balance via a range of simple activities. This ensures that even if an employee has not earned enough epoints, they can still take advantage of the employee benefit of epoints membership and typical savings of 30 – 45% off their online shopping.

Buy epoints

 Employees can purchase epoints using debit or credit card or by using PayPal

Invite Friends

 Employees can earn epoints by inviting their friends to join us

Log in Daily

 Earn epoints simply by logging into their epoints account daily

Play Games

Play the fun online games Pet Hop, Candy Jam and the epoints wheel wheel to win epoints.

Shop online

Collect epoints online at thousands of UK retailers, including all the nation’s favourite stores.

 The epoints app 

With the epoints app, available on the App Store and Google Play, employees can send and receive ecards and epoints to their colleagues. They can also shop epoints and enjoy typical savings of 30 – 45%.

Employees can also collect, win and earn epoints on the app. They can play the slightly addictive and fun games Pet Hop and Candy Jam and the epoints wheel, where they’ll get the chance to win instant epoints bundles and entry into our monthly prize draw. From the app, employees can also shop directly with our partner retailers to earn 2 epoints per £1 spent, and can invite friends to join us.

Employee appreciation with the bigDL and epoints app

Spend on almost anything

The Each Person employee appreciation scheme offers many rewards to choose from

Epoints can be spent on the widest range of rewards in the world. From vouchers and experiences to beauty and electronics, there is something for everyone. Employees can search for specific rewards or they can browse our categories for inspiration. Every product listed in the epoints shop will be 10 – 20% cheaper than the retail price, even when the product is already on offer. epoints offers the very best online savings. 

epoints can be exchanged for rewards when an employee has as little as just 180 epoints. They’ll get 50 epoints just for joining the scheme, so it takes no time at all to get a reward.

Each epoint is worth half a penny and unlike with many other reward schemes, the value of each epoint does not fluctuate

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