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Money-saving employee discount scheme from Each Person

Employee discount and deals

With epoints, your employees will be able to save 10% off of products from a whole host of retailers including Amazon, Argos, B&Q and even more! There is a possibility to earn an even bigger discount when you select our premium package that comes with a whole host of other benefits. Delivery is included in the price and honoured by the retailer so you can guarantee that your goods are coming from a reliable.

 Employee discount and perk scheme from Each Person

Plus, exclusive offers from our partners

With the Each Person recognition and rewards scheme, employees also have access to a variety of discounts and rewards to suit all your employees needs. By being able to gift the currency to your employees with ecards and personalised messages, not only do you delight them with a monetary reward but you can let them know that you really care. Personalised messages of thanks and support are often what people are looking for. feeling appreciated is what a lot of what people need so they feel trust and a desire to help your business succeed.

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