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30 Mar 2021

Employee engagement in 2021: It’s no longer just about salary.

In 2021, it is clear that UK businesses have and will continue to change internally. Employee engagement and love for their job could potentially be impacted negatively as a result.

A study carried out by the University of Warwick found that increased happiness in the workplace led to a 12% jump in productivity. With that in mind, rewards and recognition are a vital way to increase employees engagement and love for their role.

Here are five clever ways to impact employees’ engagement that don’t concentrate on salary.

1. Simple thank you’s

Starting with possibly the most simplistic but powerful way to encourage employee appreciation is Ecards. Sending an Ecard to say thank you for your hard work is a sure-fire way to influence mindsets. Over half of people say that a simple thank you would make them feel more appreciated. Therefore, without the ability to communicate in person, Ecards offer a way to do so remotely.

2. Nominations

Many companies are familiar with an employee of the month scheme. However, now more than ever, they can be a successful and impactful way to make sure those who are doing well know their success. Additionally, it gives others something to work towards. A study revealed that 90% of people perform better with relevant and challenging goals, meaning a nomination scheme can increase your team’s productivity.

3. Mental health days & support

With 2021 being arguably one of the volatile years we have had to face, workplace wellbeing is a significant factor in employee engagement. For this reason, introducing mental health days and support such as voluntary CBT sessions will have a positive effect on the way your team collaborates and work, thus overcoming work-related anxiety. As a direct result, their overall mental wellbeing will increase, and therefore their ability to concentrate on tasks that matter.

4. Employee gift vouchers

Rewarding positive behaviour is another tried and tested way to increase employee engagement. Sending an employee voucher will allow your people to see their hard work pays off. In addition, some employee vouchers may help overcome stress, such as food bills or clothing for family members. When chosen correctly, employee vouchers can have a lasting effect on your team’s work satisfaction.

5. Remote activities

Nearly every workplace environment has seen a shift in the way they can communicate and socialise. Gone are the days of office parties and staff nights out. Consequently, online quizzes, parties and other activities have skyrocketed out of necessity. But are they effective? Without the ability to see your team, it is the only feasible option, and when carried out well, can increase employee relations. In other words, remote activities will encourage employee engagement through communication and fun.

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