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3 Mar 2021

Employee appreciation- Why it matters

Friday the 5th March marks Employee Appreciation Day, a day to appreciate employees in all industries. Cicero study found that well recognised employees have more drive and determination, better work relationships and stronger connections to their company. According to the research by Capita  34% of employees believe being thanked, appreciated or recognised for their work is the most valuable workplace benefit after a pay rise.

Employees are a company’s most valuable asset and appreciation and recognition have been known to be key motivational factors in the workplace. While of course, all employees’ personalities differ, most employees are goal-driven people. Earning an award, being thanked for your hard work and having achievements recognised motivates people to reach even higher goals to the benefit of their business or company.

Employee appreciation encourages members of staff to see positive attributes in one another, allowing employees to nominate each other for schemes such as employee of the month demonstrates they value one another’s contributions and recognise each other’s efforts. Research suggests that 86% of employees say recognition makes them feel happier at work. Employee recognition and appreciation also have been proven to reduce stress and absenteeism, being appreciated and recognised at work reaffirms that efforts are helping the company, which can increase engagement and even lead to fewer sick days taken with stress-related issues.

Implementing an appreciation and recognition scheme is a simple and effective way for businesses to engage employees and reward them for their efforts. It has been proven that giving regular praise generates a more productive work environment, when employees feel appreciated they are generally happier at work resulting in more contribution and increased engagement. Feeling appreciated also encourages more loyalty in the workplace, research suggests that team members who feel recognised are more likely to stay with an organisation enabling employers to retain quality employees resulting in lower employee turnover.

Here at Each Person we offer ways to reward and recognise your people and make employees feel more valued and appreciated at work. We help businesses provide perks at work for their employees by showing them appreciation positively and engagingly. Ecards are a fantastic way to send a motivating message to a colleague and say thank you for your hard work. Each Person Ecards can be personalised to meet your company’s branding and ethos making it all the more personal.

A study from EachPerson found that when asked what would make them feel more valued in the workplace, 51% of employees said a simple thank you. The Each Person platform offers a range of rewards that cater to everyone, employees have the opportunity to choose from rewards that they value using Epoints, alternatively, we offer employee vouchers that people can use across a range of online retailers.

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