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25 Feb 2022

Five Employee Appreciation Ideas That Work Every Time

Employee Appreciation Day comes around every once a year. This Friday (4th March) is 2022’s turn. We should all know by now that your people are your company’s greatest asset, and without them, the cogs would simply stop turning. Therefore, employee appreciation is paramount in fostering an engaged and happy workforce. In fact, 86% of employees say recognition makes them feel happier at work.

Whether it’s Employee Appreciation Day or any other day of the year (because it’s important all year round), rewards and recognition is never a bad idea. So, we’ve put together five clever and creative ways to celebrate Employee Appreciation Day this Friday.

Be Public

There’s no use in keeping quiet when you want to show off someone’s hard work. Frankly, whether we admit it or not, everyone likes to be put on the wall of fame or mentioned in a speech. Therefore, get up and celebrate your people’s wins loudly and proudly. 

Plan Something Fun

Is it time for a trip to the pub with the whole team, or perhaps a nice lunch? Maybe you’ve all wanted to try sumo wrestling. Whatever it is, thinking of something fun the entire team can participate in will nurture a sense of team spirit and show everyone you care on Employee Appreciation Day.

Mental Wellbeing Days

We all know these past few years have been a bit strange. Working from home, the office whilst juggling around everything else can significantly impact your people’s workplace wellbeing. You may want to introduce a company-wide day off to encourage employees to look after themselves and their wellbeing. Achievers recently gave their employees January 4th off as Rest-o-lution Day.

Furry Friends

Bring Your Pet To Work Day is another fantastic way to show your people some gratitude on Employee Appreciation Day! Over 74% of pet owners said having a pet improved their mental health. So, not only is it fun, but it also positively impacts wellbeing.

It’s The Little Moments

Employee Appreciation Day doesn’t have to be hard work. Sometimes the little things make a big difference. Ecards can be a great way to say thank you for your hard work! A study from Each Person found that 51% of UK employees feel that a simple thank you would make them feel more appreciated. You could even add an employee voucher to make it that little more unique or plant a tree for the eco-warriors! 

Now, companies need to show their people they care more than ever, and not just on Employee Appreciation Day. Take time to thank your people however that may be!

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