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9 Mar 2022

Why Ecards are the Smart Decision for Employee Wellbeing

The UK has changed how we fortify employee relations and communication. Whether you’re preparing to re-open your office or continue working from home, ecards are becoming the new way to communicate and say thank you for your hard work. As a result of their zero cost and big rewards, it’s no wonder they’re popular within forward-thinking companies.

Why Ecards are a Smart Decisions

Zero Cost

Sending an ecard is a cost-effective way to say thank you for your hard work. The UK has the most successful greetings card industry, with £1.7 billion spent annually. But with the additional postage cost, greetings cards can amount to a hefty sum. In comparison, ecards cost a lot less (sometimes nothing) and avoid that extra stamp cost, saving both time and money.

Ecard Design

Ecards can be a great way to send attractive, entertaining and motivating messages to colleagues. Sending a thank you with Each Person ecards can be personalised to meet your companies branding and ethos, emphasising company culture. After all, recognising someone’s hard work does not have to be boring.



Ecards give instant recognition directly to a co-worker and positively impact workplace positivity and wellbeing. Over 50% of UK employees day a simple thank you would make them feel more appreciated at work. In 2020 stress, depression and anxiety accounted for 51% of all work-related ill-health. Sending one to say thank you or check-in can show an individual they are doing well or remind them that you care.


Another benefit is their environmental impact. Usually, a card’s final destination is a landfill and takes five to fifteen years to decompose. However, ecards are sent electronically and saved efficiently on an employee’s computer. Here at Each Person, we are notably eco-conscious, and few can deny the importance of addressing climate change. Partnered with Carbon Footprint, we help fund eco-projects and allow your employees to do the same through eco-points. So you can say thank you whilst being cleaner, greener and lowering carbon future in unison.


Adding gifts to Ecards

At Each Person, we enable you to add extras. Eco-points can be added to any Each Person ecard, which can be spent on over 500,000 products online or used to help fund eco-projects. Alternatively, send employee vouchers to thank an employee and develop existing rewards and recognition schemes.

To summarise, Ecards are not only good for budgets but good for the wellbeing of your people. Encouraging good behaviour and checking in with team members offers a safe place to work. On top of this, ecards can effectively boost employee morale and efficiency.

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