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1 Dec 2021

Why Disability Inclusion At Work Is A Positive For Everyone

The international day of persons with disabilities is on December 3rd, so we wanted to talk about disability inclusion at work. Being inclusive at your place of work can be a positive for those with disabilities but equally company culture. 

This blog will discuss why disability inclusion at your workplace can benefit your business on the whole. 

Benefits of Disability Inclusion

Making your place of work inclusive rather than exclusive means that your pool of talent is larger. The more you base your employment on skills, the more you open the door to untapped talent. Equally, the more you show openness to diversity, the more underrepresented individuals will want to work at your company. Allowing those from underrepresented backgrounds leads to broader problem-solving and more diverse ideas. 

Inclusive Culture

Workplaces that offer genuine disability inclusion show a commitment to representation but also staff wellbeing as a whole. Showing you care about your team can make a big difference with company culture. Companies that make employees feel included and valued lead to higher employee engagement and loyalty. Diverse workplaces are positive for everyone, leading to higher productivity than less varied companies by 46-58%. Equally, it adds to an innovative environment, where employees feel comfortable to be bold with ideas and take risks.

Company Gains

While disability inclusion produces a more productive environment and makes the company look more appealing to new staff, it also makes it more successful. It has been suggested that diverse workplaces are 2.3 times more likely to have a greater cash flow over three years. If your staff feel valued and comfortable at work, they are more likely to produce their best work. Plus the increased productivity and bolder ideas, diversity inclusion is good for business all around.

Value Your Staff

Diversity inclusion shows your employees that you value talent. In addition to that, showing you care about employee wellbeing creates a positive environment that allows for a productive and innovative workplace. Implementing wellbeing practices at your office creates an encouraging environment and shows you value your employees. Equally, implementing incentives at work can help push your team to produce their best work. Furthermore, having a rewards and recognition scheme allows employees to see they are valued tangibly. Implementing a reward system that gives employees perks at work creates a culture of value that offers an extra thank you to staff. 

Disability inclusion at work is good practice for every business. With diversity comes greater insights and ideas, as well as a positive environment for growth. If you don’t care about your employees, why would they want to stay at your company? Making your team a priority shows that you value them and motivates them to work hard and stay long-term.

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