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20 Oct 2021

How Creative Wellbeing Can Improve Your Lifestyle Both At Home And Work.

Creative wellbeing is an evolving part of modern working life, but creativity can significantly impact both aspects of lifestyle. Looking after your employees and keeping teams engaged in productive work is key. So how can creativity affect this?

This article will explore how creative wellbeing can improve lifestyle at your place of work and home. 

Using Creative Wellbeing To Improve Your Health: 

Creativity and engaging in creative activities can improve your mental and physical health. Partaking in just 30 minutes of creative pastimes or hobbies can give you that much-needed morale boost and stress reduction brought on by a toxic workplace. As well as improving mental health, creative wellbeing can help reduce dementia and boost your immune system. Meanwhile, endeavours such as learning an instrument help improve brain function, which could help employee engagement and productivity. 

Creating Balance: 

Just a modest amount of creativity in your day can give you the balance needed to allow you to return to work with fresh eyes and renewed energy. Not least exercising different areas of the brain (depending on your job field), but it also gives you a sense of achievement outside of work in the same vein. 

Implementing Creative Wellbeing At Work: 

Creativity can allow you to look at situations from a different perspective. These fresh perspectives can aid problem-solving and push ideas further or in a new direction when issues or roadblocks arise. Equally, creative exercises or experiences can be good for team building, boosting worker morale, and employee engagement. Simultaneously, encouraging collaborative thinking and creating a communal atmosphere. At the same time, workplace wellbeing as a whole will aid team productivity.    

Creative Rewards and Recognition:

Similarly, employers can use creative activities to reward employees and give them something to look forward to. Or employers can try introducing creative wellbeing practices regularly at work. Still, employee rewards schemes can help increase productivity and act as a ‘thank you for your hard work’ for employees. Introducing a rewards and recognition scheme into your workplace can improve employee wellbeing while making your workers feel appreciated.  

Following the recent National Work Life Week (OCT 12th-15th), now is the perfect time to become more aware of your creative wellbeing practices. Creative wellbeing is a fun way to improve and enrich both sides of your life. It could allow you to have a more positive outlook on life and be more productive when working-leaving you more time to enjoy and appreciate your time off!

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  1. Reese Evans

    Some people spend their leisure time to do creative things. This creative wellbeing ensures personal development.


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