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16 Sep 2021

How to Help Your Female Employees Confidence After COVID-19

The pandemic has had a disproportionate impact on female employees. Industries that predominantly employ women have taken huge knocks from COVID-19. This change in the economy has resulted in women’s jobs being placed at a higher risk than men’s. According to PwC, a leading professional service, 40% of employed women are employed in ‘hard-hit sectors. It may come as no surprise then that 61% of women find it hard to stay positive day-to-day.

With health and social care workers under immense pressure and workloads at home changing, women may be feeling less hopeful and happy. Therefore, impacting their wellbeing in and out of the office. 

It is imperative that companies look after all of their people, and this includes many female employees. One way of doing so is by instilling confidence in your female employees! Consequently, they will feel much more comfortable within their day-to-day roles. Therefore, helping employee engagement and positively impacting staff retention. 

So, How Can You Help a Female Employee’s Confidence? 

Rewards and Recognition

Choosing to implement an employee reward scheme within your company is a step in the right direction for many reasons. Specifically for female employees, making sure it is inclusive and easily accessible will enable and encourage usage.

Rewards and recognition such as Ecards to say thank you or employee of the month schemes can help the female members within your team feel appreciated and acknowledged.

Workplace Wellbeing

Female employees who are affected by COVID-19 may need support with their mental wellbeing. With female suicide rates at their highest in a decade, it’s clear that this topic is something in need of change (similarly with all genders).

Including a Wellbeing Hub at work can significantly improve your people’s workplace wellbeing. It is a safe place for employees to find resources that help with physical, mental and financial wellbeing. Just by doing this can allow your people to access the information they need whenever they need it. Therefore, helping their wellbeing and positively impacting their mood in and out of work. 

Fair Treatment

It is against the law to treat any employee negatively based on their gender. This includes those who have changed theirs or are in the process of doing so. 

As an employer, you should ensure this is common knowledge to address any unfair treatment of female employees and any other gender. In doing so, you will not only create a positive company culture but allow your female team members to feel happy and confident within their workplace.

Overall, inclusivity is vital to promote confidence within your female employees. In addition, showing your appreciation to your staff is incredibly impactful post-COVID. Confident staff equals confident companies. 

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