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22 Mar 2021

Companies that are aligned to climate change- ASOS

In 2015, fashion retailer ASOS launched its Carbon 2020 strategy with a target to reduce carbon emissions per customer orders every year until 2020. The strategies key ambitions included: increasing energy efficiency, reducing delivery and packaging emissions, and increasing the use of renewable energy to help fight climate change.

5 years on ASOS say they are incredibly proud to have achieved everything they set out to do from the launch of the Carbon 2020 strategy– ASOS have achieved a 30% reduction in carbon intensity per customer order since 2015.

“It has never been more important for businesses to step up and take account of the environmental impact associated with their operations. The climate change crisis has crystallised the challenges that the industry must face if we all are to continue to thrive.” 

 Nick Beighton,

ASOS is working closely with suppliers to find more effective methods in the fight to tackle climate change.

Sustainable clothing action plan

Since 2012, ASOS has also been part of the UK’s Sustainable Clothing Action Plan, helping the brand keep track of the waste, water and carbon associated with the production of clothing that is sold in the UK. To show their commitment to the plan ASOS pledged to cut 15% of their water and carbon use and a 3.5% reduction in waste.

Minimizing packaging waste

ASOS have acknowledged that single-use packaging and waste is a serious problem amongst fashion retailers. The brand has reduced the thickness of their mailing bags, saving approximately 583 tonnes of plastic per year.

ASOS says that they are constantly looking for new ways to reduce the recycled content of their packaging. Delivery boxes are made from 100% recycled materials and bags are currently made out of 65% recycled content, the retailer says it is planning to transition to 90% recycled content by the end of 2021.

ASOS is also looking to introduce plastic packaging take back for customers so they can return used packaging from all orders and in turn these can be recycled into new ASOS bags. This will considerably reduce waste and is a positive step in tackling climate change.

Collaborations with sustainable brands

Determined to do more for the environment and tackle climate change as a global brand, ASOS is committed to working with sustainable partnerships and brands.

One of the ways ASOS promotes products made by manufacturers and brands who use sustainable business practices is through their ‘responsible edit’ feature.

In 2019 ASOS launched their ‘responsible edit to offer more sustainable products to its customers. The company has added a new ‘responsible filter’ to its website to help customers discover and shop products that have a positive impact on people, animals and the planet.

The responsible edit is a curation of brands and styles that have been made with sustainability in mind, they feature more sustainable organic fibres and fabrics to reduce the environmental impact and reduce their carbon footprint.

The edit encourages customers to be more environmentally friendly and make a conscious decision to be more sustainable. To fit the criteria and be featured in the edit ASOS requires products to contain a minimum of 50% recycled or sustainable fibres.

Help fund eco-projects with Epoints

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