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halloween at work
14 Oct 2021

How to Have a Hauntingly Good Halloween at Work

Autumn is upon us, and that means it’s time to celebrate Halloween at work! With that in mind, people are getting excited for all the fast-approaching holidays around this time of year. Research suggests that as a result, employee productivity increases around Autumn, which is excellent news for businesses. 

So, how can companies celebrate Halloween at work this year?

Office Party for Halloween at Work

Whether you’re working from home or in the office, organising a party for your team is a perfect way to celebrate the spooky season. 

Remote activities like cocktail making or pumpkin carving are perfect for out of office activities. Alternatively, have a COVID safe celebration at a venue, bar or your office! In doing so, your people will celebrate Halloween at work and blow off steam which will inevitably improve employee engagement throughout the fall. 

Decorate Desks & Spaces

Would it be Halloween with our decorations? You might want to let your people decorate their desks for the coming weeks. Launch a competition to inspire employees and boost morale in the team through perks at work!

Fancy Dress Competition

Rather than running your usual Employee of the Month, why not change it to best dressed for Halloween at work? Awards like this are a perfect form of rewards and recognition you can introduce in the workplace. It can encourage workplace friendships and praising one another.

Why Celebrate Halloween at Work

As previously said, celebrating Halloween at work or any holiday will vastly improve employee engagement. Your people will feel as though they are thought about and appreciated. 

Individuals no longer focus just on salary but other workplace benefits. The more you give to your people, the more loyal they will be and lower staff turnover. 

Furthermore, adding fun to the office to keep everyone’s mental wellbeing positive is vital to today’s workplace environment. 

Overall, celebrating Halloween at work will raise engagement, loyalty and wellbeing. Therefore, doing this with any other holiday is equally valid. Try to think of fun, alternative ways to celebrate fall this year, and your people will benefit. 

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