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10 Nov 2021

Bullying At Work: Reach Out to Others

In honour of Anti-bullying week, we’re encouraging you to reach out to others to combat bullying at work. Be it a colleague or an employee, now is always a good time to show you care. Offering support to those around you could be the difference between someone speaking up or suffering in silence. 

This post will explore some of the effects of bullying at work and how you can help tackle and prevent it in your business.

The Impacts of Bullying At Work:

Some of the short-term impacts of bullying can include diminished wellbeing, depression and even self-harm. Similarly, the long-term effects can range from mental health issues, weight gain to suicide ideation. Equally, there is a link between bullying and poor employment or education rates, plus an increased likelihood of earning less. 

While much of bullying data references children, bullying can still happen to adults. Bullying at work costs UK employers as much as two billion pounds per year. These costs include litigation and investigation costs, loss of productivity and sick pay. 

Taking care of your team is essential not only for employee engagement and wellbeing but financial wellbeing also. Though you may need to put money into safeguarding your employees, it could save you money in the long run by cutting out adverse effects caused by bullying at work or poor wellbeing. If your employees are suffering, so is their work rate.

Reach Out And Make A Change:

This week we’re encouraging you to reach out to those around you and do something kind. Whether that’s checking a colleague is alright or sending a ‘thank you for your hard work’. Simply writing a message or giving an ecard could be the boost your team members need. Additionally, this could aid team building and allow anyone struggling the opportunity to speak out. The more comfortable your workforce is, the easier it is for employers to tackle and avoid bullying at work. 

Though speaking or sending a message to reach out may benefit, offering a Wellbeing Hub goes further. It could enable employees to get help when they don’t feel comfortable mentioning it in person. 

Each Person’s Wellbeing Hub offers a variety of articles and sources to help find the solution that suits you. The Hub contains information on various issues from numerous sites, allowing you to explore more in-depth knowledge on particular subjects. The benefit of the Hub is you can do this in your own time, and no one else has to know if you prefer to keep it to yourself. 

However you choose to combat bullying at work, and other wellbeing problems, ensuring various options is essential.   

Perks At Work: 

By implementing some form of perks at work, you can help show your employees and colleagues that you care about them and their wellbeing. An employee reward scheme can improve wellbeing and productivity. The more employees feel heard and appreciated, the better, and they are more likely to stay at their workplace long-term. 

Remember, it is impossible to know what others are going through, so don’t delay-reach out today. We’ve included some helpful links below if you are concerned about bullying at work or other related issues. Equally, have a look at Each Person’s Wellbeing Hub for more tips on wellbeing at work. 

Anti-Bullying Alliance

National Bullying Helpline

Anti-Bullying Pro


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