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26 Jul 2021

Five ways to build confidence in your team

We all want to be confident. Moreover, we all want to be in a confident team. However, the ability to build confidence may be difficult. Around 60% of men and women do not feel convinced with their ability to do their job. As a result of this, productivity may fall, workplace wellbeing decreases and strains relationships.

Why you should build confidence in your team

If managers take the right steps in nurturing their team, it is highly likely they will see some positive changes to individuals’ attitudes and behaviours. Furthermore, this will trickle down to all aspects of the workplace. For instance, confident team members are more likely to speak up about issues in the workplace, which lead to lower rates of workplace bullying. In addition, you will spend less time worrying about their progress as you understand your team’s ability to succeed and work productively.

How to build confidence in your team


Creating a reliable and manageable communication system is vital to build confidence. Show your team they can approach you with any issues and you will do the same in return. Effective communication generates 4.5 times higher talent retention. So, not only will good communication keep your people confident, but individuals will also keep them loyal.


Allow your people to be creative and make mistakes. In doing so, your people will feel more confident with tasks that they approach as they know they are ok if it does not succeed. They need to learn their skills and trade. However, the mistakes made in a trusting climate will enable them to build confidence.


Make sure that your team has sufficient and practical training. Without the proper training, individuals will feel lost, isolated and afraid to complete tasks. Perhaps give them extra training days if necessary, and start with the exact training when they join. Therefore, your team will know right from the beginning and build confidence.


Building respect between yourself and your peers will create an open culture. Without respect, communication fails, and gossip can escalate. To build respect, you must believe in your staff and show them equal treatment to build confidence.

Positive reinforcement

Finally, there have been several studies into positive reinforcement. 75% of employees receiving at least monthly recognition (even if informal) are satisfied with their job. Therefore, staying positive and productive. An example of positive reinforcement would be rewards and recognition in the workplace. Saying thank you for your hard work is a simple but effective way of showing your team that they are appreciated. On top of this, such forms of perks at work will allow your employees to know they are successful. Therefore, build confidence within their work. 

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