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bring your pet to work
20 Aug 2021

Five Reasons You Should Bring Your Pet to Work

On August 24th, it’s National Dog Day, so what better way to celebrate than giving your people a ‘bring your pet to work day’. By doing so, you could see enormous positivity in the workplace. 

Although Covid has made work-life drastically different this year, many people still work in the office or other work environments. Therefore, pets in these environments can give an added bit of excitement to your employees day!

We discuss why ‘bring your pets to work’ day is a positive idea. Not only for your company culture but peoples workplace wellbeing.

Reasons you Should Bring Your Pets to Work.

Reduce Stress 

Having animals in the workplace can considerably reduce stress. There is much research that shows pets can reduce depression and anxiety. Over 74% of pet owners said having a pet improved their mental health. In turn, this benefit passes into the workplace as well. Therefore, improving your team’s workplace wellbeing.

Financial Benefits to Owners When They Bring Pets to Work

When individuals don’t have to worry about pet daycare, their financial wellbeing increases. We know that over the past year, individuals have struggled with financial stress. Therefore, any way that a company can alleviate that is a step forward.

Perks at Work For Hiring

Advertising ‘bring your pet to work day’ during job applications can be a brilliant perk at work. Companies should be looking to hire the best possible people, and with diverse and inclusive perks this will be easy. 

Individuals are looking for more than just a salary now. Company culture is crucial at the hiring stages.

Build Employee Relations When People Bring Pets to Work

Employee relations are fundamental to a healthy workplace. Pets at work can make building these relationships easier, more fun and different!

Employee Engagement & Attendance

Finally, allowing individuals to bring pets to work can seriously benefit engagement and participation. When your people feel appreciated and not like another number, they will be emotionally involved with their role. Therefore, working better.

Things to Consider About Bringing Your Pets to Work

Although there are many great reasons to allow pets at work, you need to consider all aspects.


Some individuals may have allergies to specific pet hairs. These allergies can range from mild to severe. But it is always important to check with your people before bringing pets to work.


In turn, individuals may fear select animals and can therefore make the day difficult or unbearable. You may offer to work from home as an option for these particular people. But be aware of ostracisation. 

To conclude, ‘bring your pet to work’ day can have outstanding benefits for your people’s morale and wellbeing. However, you must check with everyone to see if they are ok with the idea and communicate with the whole team. 

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