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blue monday
13 Jan 2022

Blue Monday: Help Your People Through January

The third Monday of every year is Blue Monday. What’s that, you ask? According to Sky Travel, it’s the most depressing day of the year. Most people by now have returned to work after the holidays and get back to their usual routines. In addition, January in the UK is an especially dreary month weather-wise. So it’s no surprise that Blue Monday is an actual thing. 

Did you know one in four people in the UK experience mental health issues? It’s time workplaces do what they can to help lessen this statistic.

So what does Blue Monday mean for companies, and how can they help their people through January? 

Tips to Help Your People Through Blue Monday and Beyond

Employee Reward Scheme

Successful and thoughtful rewards and recognition can increase your people’s performance by 11%. However, it’s not just about performance. Recognising individuals success can make them feel appreciated. A massive 75% of UK employees who receive monthly recognition feel satisfied, leading to happier minds! Therefore, helping to alleviate Blue Monday.

Savings Club

January can be a difficult month financially for many people, regardless of their circumstances. Financial worries are one of the top contributing factors to stress. It is incredibly vital to look after financial wellness at any time of the year. But January offers a perfect time to provide services like savings clubs or employee vouchers.

Set Goals for The Year

Goals are an unassuming way of helping overcome Blue Monday. Studies have shown that setting goals boost mental wellbeing by increasing motivation. Why not encourage 1:2:1’s with your people to help them set workplace goals for the year! Remember to keep them short, achievable and with a time frame. 

Revamp The Office Space

Even on a small budget, renovating the workplace can create a warm, friendly and inviting atmosphere for individuals to work. Not only that, but even a fresh lick of paint and some new (alive) plants can help give people something new to look at and start the year right. A recent study found that having plants in the workplace can reduce depression and sadness by 58%.

Encourage Active & Healthy Lifestyles

Lastly, encouraging people to eat mindfully and stay active is essential to wellbeing and overcoming Blue Monday. It’s even more important to remember that not everyone can achieve the same or access the same help. However, many platforms offer support, such as Headspace for meditation and advice. Additionally, Each Person’s Wellbeing Hub helps equip your people with the skills to deal with whatever life throws at them. 

January Blues will always come and go. However, supporting your people will equip them with the skills and confidence to ride the wave. 

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