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20 May 2021

Five Lessons to Adopt from the Bees for Business Growth

Bees are a fundamental part of the UK’s economy, generating £1 billion per year at no cost. It is not news that without Bees, many companies would suffer astronomical effects such as a lack of materials for production and food sources. As a result, we need to start making a few simple changes to help their safety, which you can read here.

On the other hand, bees are incredibly resilient, intelligent and adaptable creatures. As companies, there are many behaviours that we can learn from and bring into our own company culture. In effect, these behaviours can essentially help create more powerful workplaces and business growth.


Five lessons companies can learn from the bees to aid business growth

Here are just some of the behaviours we can learn from the bees. Taking in their adaptive social and confident personalities can help business growth in a manageable and easy way.


Adapt to change

Bees can adapt quickly to their surroundings. Quickly making nests, and can survive for several years living on food reserves. Being intelligent and adaptable like bees can help aid business growth.


Locally conscious

Being able to tune in to companies around you and the culture within local spaces is highly important to many businesses’ growth. For example, retail needs to attract local clients. In addition, offering local perks at work, like team building, can help you network with other local businesses. Above all, your people will feel appreciated and encouraged to work well leading to business growth.


Show off

Tasteful boasting can help business growth exponentially. Knowing how and when to show off what you can do for your clients is a great way to attract more customers. It also gives your employees a chance to see they are working for a great company.


Be friendly and sociable

Rewards and recognition can create a pleasant and sociable environment. In other words, if your people are well, they work harder and more productively. For example, over half of the people say a simple thank you would make them feel more appreciated. Therefore, saying thank you for your hard work is a great way to show you care and increase positive company culture and therefore, business growth.


Energy efficiency 

Eco-conscious companies are not only great for the planet but also save money. Companies may even suffer less from the Carbon Emissions Tax. In turn, this could attract new customers who are also eco-conscious. At Each Person, we are committed to eco-projects. We have a donation service to help with the planting of trees. Head over to our Eco page now to find out more.


Essentially, bees are incredibly amazing creatures and can adapt quickly whilst remaining vigilant. Bees are under threat now more than ever, and yet they are still part of our ecosystem. By taking on some of their behaviours business growth can increase in a positive and manageable way.


To find out how Each Person can help you implement such practices and help your business growth, visit us at and follow us on social media today.



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