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8 Jan 2020

Employee reward and recognition scheme launched by American Golf

American Golf is Europe’s largest golf retailer with 99 stores in the UK and Republic of Ireland alone. They are rolling out Each Person to their managers and Epoints to their 825 employees.

Each Person is an employee reward and recognition, retail discount scheme, powered by epoints.

Employees are recognised with digital ecards and rewarded with the epoints currency which can be spent on the widest range of rewards – all 10% lower in price.

Employees are given free membership to epoints, the exclusive shopping platform that offers at least an extra 10% discount at trusted online retailers.

Jan 20 – American Golf, has announced its partnership with Each Person, the employee reward,  recognition and retail discount scheme, powered by epoints. The scheme is being rolled out  across American Golf’s 99 locations, with the aim of improving employee satisfaction and  motivation among 825 employees.

Gary Favell, CEO from American Golf, said: “Our employees exceed expectation and work hard  daily. We wanted a platform that makes recognition and reward easy. I believe recognition is a  really important way to ensure we reward and provide tangible benefits to people that deserve  and would find valuable. I can notice the positive impact it has had on the team. A simple  thank-you ecard goes a really long way in making someone feel appreciated.”

Each Person enables companies to reward and recognise teams and individuals for meeting  objectives and demonstrating behaviours that are aligned with core business values. Managers  can send digital ecards to individuals or departments as a simple non-monetary  acknowledgement and can attach the epoints currency to ecards as a reward. epoints can be  spent on the widest range of products and experiences in a single shop saving employees time  and money.

Through the employee reward and recognition scheme, each employee will also be given a free membership to epoints, the  shopping platform which offers exclusively lower prices at trusted retailers. With epoints,  employees will enjoy at least an extra 10% discount on their online shopping at retailers such as  John Lewis, Debenhams, Currys, Argos, B&Q, Amazon and many more.

“Each Person’s digital solution is simple to use for both managers and employees. It includes  many valuable tools, such as reports on recognition across the business and reminders of special  occasions, such as birthdays or work anniversaries for managers. It is a compelling benefit  scheme, providing the widest choice of rewards and cost savings to our employees.”

Matt Norbury, CEO and Founder of Each Person and epoints, said: “Each Person’s recognition  scheme is simple to set up and use. We do the hard work for you to get you onto the platform  painlessly and to get everyone using it. The Each Person platform is simple to use even for those  not technically savvy. We want to positively engage American Golf employees into Each Person’s  platform so they feel more valued which helps motivate them to strive towards their goals.”

The epoints currency can also be collected outside the workplace as part of an employee’s  everyday activity via the epoints app. Employees can top up their epoints through simple  activities such as shopping online or playing games. The epoints currency can also be purchased  online and gifted to and from friends and family.

Matt concludes: “Working with American Golf is a fantastic opportunity and one we really look  forward to developing. I know that American Golf pride’s itself on the excellent level of service it  provides and to do so needs to ensure it has passionate and enthusiastic employees. We are  thrilled to be working in partnership with American Golf and look forward to developing our  relationship with them further.


About Each Person and epoints
Each Person is the recognition, reward and employee discount scheme, powered by ?epoints?. The  scheme helps businesses connect better with employees by showing them appreciation in a  positive and engaging way.    Employees can use the Each Person recognition and reward platform to recognise each other  with digital ecards and they can attach the epoints currency as a special reward. The recognition  and rewards platform can also be used to remind managers of important dates such as long  service anniversaries or birthdays. With its real-time reporting dashboard, companies can also  use the platform to monitor recognition and rewards activity taking place within the organisation.

Each Person is the only employee scheme powered by epoints, the hassle-free shopping platform  which offers exclusively lower prices at trusted online retailers. With epoints, employees receive  free membership to the epoints platform (usually costing £30 per annum plus a £50 joining fee)  where they’ll enjoy an extra 10 – 15% discount at major UK retailers such as Amazon, Currys, John  Lewis, B&Q, Superdrug and many more.

About American Golf
American Golf was established in 1978 and fast became Europe’s largest golf retailer. Stocking a  full range of golf equipment for golfer of all levels, from premium golf clubs to clothing shoes and  golfing gadgets, American Golf offers the most advanced in-store facilities. American Golf prides  itself on providing the best service, unbeatable value and fantastic promotions under the price  match promise.

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